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Playlist 2

Beginner Series

A playlist with a progression designed to take you from a beginner to an intermediate student.


Playlist coming soon!

Launch date is January 20, 2016


Aren't their 6 more classes in this series? I thought I heard Monica say there were a total of 10 classes that built upon each other. Please let me know. These first four offer fantastic experirtial learning opportunity of the fundamentals of matwork. Would love to complete the rest before moving into Monica's intermediate work!
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Samantha ~ The rest of the classes are coming. We just filmed class 6 last Monday! We hope you enjoy them when they are on the site!
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Finishing 10 day return to you challenge tomorrow...then will start this series! Must get back to being able to do proper roll up and roll over! Then maybe back to my reformer!
Thanks to PA for not removing the older videos. They are still Great!

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