Total Body Renewal

Let's invigorate your mind and body with the brilliance that is Pilates! Join Laura Hanlon in her 7-Day Pilates Mat Challenge - Total Body Renewal. With an innovative approach, you will focus on enhancing your movement with the power of your breath, target specific parts of your body with the use of props, and take your practice to the next level. See you on the Mat!


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Great class! I am energised by this challenge! I do it daily at 7:30 am pst. Tomorrow is Day 2. Please join me ! 
A very good class, energizing and involving all muscle groups!
Just finished day 4.  Great workout!!  Loving this 7-day challenge!!
Oana V
Love this series
I love this challenge. Laura keeps the pace going and challenges you at the same time.  I look forward to continuing with her classes when I finish this challenge

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