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Staff Picks

Our staff at Pilates Anytime selects few videos to highlight in different playlists. These can be videos that we found insightful, fun, instructional, or just sparked our interest. Between Gia and Maria, they have watched all of the videos on the site, and these are the ones that stood out to them.

Playlist 1 - Spring Cleaning

Use this collection of classes to clean up your technique.

Playlist 3 - March Madness

March Madness isn't just for Basketball! This collection of classes is all about playing, having fun and injecting a little "Spring" into your step!

Playlist 4 - Videos to Stay Motivated

Who doesn't need a little does of motivation every now and again? We chose these classes for the extra pick me up that we got when doing them on our own. Treat yourself to a little inspiration with this playlist.

Playlist 5 - A Challenge for the New Year

Whether it is a new year or a new day, this collection of classes are just the thing to help you feel like you are on the right track for wellness again.

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