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The Starter Series

The starter series is a collection of playlists designed to teach you from your first day of class. Whether it's on a Mat or a piece of apparatus, these instructors will teach you the important skills that empower you to make suitable class choices for yourself going forward.


Let's Get Started!

Congratulations! You've taken an important step towards creating or maintaining a healthy lifestyle, If you're new to Pilates, this playlist is a great place to start.

Traditional Mat Foundations

What comes after pre-Pilates but before a full basic Mat class? If you are new to Pilates, then this foundational Mat playlist with Kathryn Ross-Nash is a great way to get you started.

Mat Fundamentals

The skills you learn in this playlist are important for your Pilates practice on the Mat. Whether you are new or a Pilates veteran, these concepts will help create an awareness that is needed to ensure you are working correctly.

Beginner Mat Series

This playlist includes classes for beginners that have a specific focus for each workout. These classes will help you tune into the mind-body aspect of the Pilates Method.

Reformer Foundations

This playlist is designed to gradually progress your Reformer practice so you can create a strong foundation while building your endurance.

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