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The Starter Series

The starter series is a collection of playlists designed to teach you from your first day of class. Whether it's on a Mat or a piece of apparatus, these instructors will teach you the important skills that empower you to make suitable class choices for yourself going forward.


Playlist 1 - Let's Get Started!

Congratulations! You've taken an important step towards creating or maintaining a healthy lifestyle, If you're new to Pilates, this playlist is a great place to start.

Playlist 2 - Traditional Mat Foundations

What comes after pre-Pilates but before a full basic Mat class? If you are new to Pilates, then this foundational Mat playlist with Kathryn Ross-Nash is a great way to get you started.

Playlist 3 - Mat Fundamentals

The skills you learn in this playlist are important for your Pilates practice on the Mat. Whether you are new or a Pilates veteran, these concepts will help create an awareness that is needed to ensure you are working correctly.

Playlist 5 - Mat Class Breakdown

Let this playlist and Monica Wilson be your guide to establishing a great foundation in Pilates as you explore, section by section, the classical order of the beginning Mat Work.

Playlist 7 - Mat Progression #1

Go through the beginner system with Niedra so that you can prepare to advance in your practice.

Playlist 8 - Reformer Foundations

This playlist is designed to gradually progress your Reformer practice so you can create a strong foundation while building your endurance.

Playlist 9 - Beginner Mat Series

This playlist includes classes for beginners that have a specific focus for each workout. These classes will help you tune into the mind-body aspect of the Pilates Method.