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Movement is Medicine

When we drop into our awareness we unleash the power that resides within us. Join Christi Idavoy in her Restorative Program, Movement is Medicine, where you will ease tension, increase circulation, and energize your body. You will develop the ability to listen to your body and follow its wisdom. Let's take this moment to indulge and find a sense of lightness from within.


Playlist 1 - with Christi Idavoy

Restorative, Self-Case, Awareness, Mobility

Aug 27, 2021
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Movement is Medicine
Christi Idavoy
1 min
Non Pilates
Restore, Self-Massage, Mindful, Fluid

Aug 27, 2021
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Release Eye Tension
Christi Idavoy
Delib. Pace
Level 1/2
15 min
Polestar Pilates®


Very excited for this course! Thank you Christi & Pilates Anytime.
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I had the HONOR of having one on one with Christy at her Miami studio years ago.  She is absolutely incredible, I encourage anyone and everyone to take her classes!!!!
I feel exactly same as Charlotte F and Jennifer B! Thanks for "coming back" to Pilates Anytime!
Thank you Pilates Anytime! I am so honored and excited to share this work that is so close to my heart. ♥️🙏🏽
Looks like it will be great.
Thanks felt so good to release tension in my forehead, especially since I'm in lockdown and on my phone way too much. 

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