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In this special, Kristi talks to Heikki LempiƤinen. He travelled from Helsinki, Finland to do a Pilates tour of Southern California. He saw many distinguished teachers while he was visiting including Rael Isacowitz, Julian Littleford, Leah Stewart, Jillian Hessel, and many more. During his tour he found time to visit the Pilates Anytime studios to talk to Kristi. You will find out how he started Pilates, who his teachers are, and what he enjoys about it. It is amazing to see how the Pilates community is growing around the world. Thank you Heikki for coming to see us!

After their discussion, Kristi taught Heikki a Reformer Workout . Check out his excellent form!
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Apr 04, 2013
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Hi there. I'm Kristy. Uh, we're here at [inaudible] anytime on a very special day because we have Hakey Olympian and here visiting all the way from Finland. And when I heard he was in town doing a Polonius tour of southern California, I think it's just southern California. I hoped he would come up and visit and he sure enough he has. So I wanted to just ask him a few questions about him. Hey Hickey.

Hey Kiki has been a member since about this time last year I think. And uh, he mentioned a few things on Facebook and we kind of friend at each other right away. So this is one of those cases in Facebook where the friending ahead of time on Facebook really worked out well where we can actually become friends. So thank you for coming. Thank you. It's so nice to be in here. So I want to know most of all, tell me where you live, uh, how you got into [inaudible] and [inaudible].

What brought you to California? Okay. Uh, I live in Helsinki and, uh, I'm kind of new to peel out this. I mean my, my background is in music education first and I've always have had a connection with dance and from a music education and music therapy therapy circles. I went into a dance, a movement therapy and, uh, fitness instructing. And after all this, I kind of found pillar, this kind of very slowly. I grew up to, to, to doing Pilatos and now I'm, I'm doing almost, I mean, almost full time. PLLs international work. Yes. Yes. And how, how did you discover it? Through the dance and movement therapy, but who introduced it to? Um, in Finland we have this, uh, this guy who I actually trained in, in us with, uh, Jennifer Stacy, who I believe, uh, she lives up north from here in San Francisco. And he came, he brought the, the PLRs well, others as well, but he, he started a program in Finland and I trained with him and he's great. He's great. Yes. [inaudible] yes.

Did you love ladies the first time you tried it? Uh, it took me a while. It took me, it took me a little while to, to uh, get it. But, but once, once you get it, then it's, I mean, I love the way when I exercise and I love the feeling in my body now and I'm, I'm doing it a lot and I, I love to teach it well in the circles that come through this room. Brad Howard, uh, w you know who they are. Um, we were joking. Brad Howard was here recently and we were saying Hickey gets around cause you're in Berlin, you're in southern California, you're in Munchin glad bag and, and so, um, I guess first I want to know, when did you actually start?

About how many years? You said you're new to plotters, but how many years have you been doing it? Or months or, uh, I started teaching three years ago. Three years ago? Yes. And then in Finland we do a, the program is that you do the mat work first. And I did the math work and I started with Matt [inaudible] and then I, I kind of got into it and I went to the apparatus thing. And in Finland it's a, uh, it's kind of a very normal to have a, uh, like a training just in Mat Pilatos we have lots of teachers that don't know the equipment thing things. And then once you get into that, it kind of like broadens the whole view of doing. Oh yeah. And then I think it's a little bit of my mission will others as well, but it's a big mission to, to kind of, uh, let people know what, what the whole picture of Polarez in Finland and, um, and I also see a lot of kind of, uh, arguing about put, but it should be like that. But, uh, I think it's, it's a matter of who, like the, that's how people crow.

That's how the method crows as well. Yes. I know you've met Brett, I've mentioned Brett, you've met him, but who else have you met in? And then I want to ask you, I'd even tougher question, but go ahead. Okay. Or a tough question. Uh, well, uh, I've met, I, uh, took a conference in, in, in mentioned cloud Germany last spring. I think it was may. And in there I met, uh, breaths and then I met Michael Anton and I met. Of course I met a Lolita and, uh, lots of other people.

It's a big, uh, sure conference with lots of things going on. The leader brings in people from around on a lot of kind of a, it's a loving kind of a thing. I mean, lots of people you get to to, uh, communicate with lots of people and it's a kind of a, it wasn't very good. Good thing for me. Can I ask how you found the ladies anytime? Oh, just happened upon it. I'm not, I'm not sure. I think it was through the reiners forum. Huh?

Do I owe him a lot? Yeah, that is great too. I mean, yeah. Reiner, I don't think Rittenhouse I think is how you say his last name, but yeah, he's been amazing for our community. Yeah. Yeah. What's been your favorite, let me ask you that first. I can't say no. I can't say what's my favorite camera. No, no. I mean, I mean, yeah, I mean, this is all good, isn't it? It is all good. Yeah. Yeah, I understand. I can assist more. Yeah. I like, I like most of the people. Yes. I'm talking about as people in general. I think they are kind of a nice people. I agree. Yeah. And once you get to know, they are all very nice. Yeah, absolutely. I agree wholeheartedly.

That's been my experience. Yeah. Um, would you let me teach you a class on camera? Yes. Let's do it. Thank you very much for letting us be part of your tour. Thank you. This is great. Fabulous. Okay.


Paola Maruca
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Love this interview!
Thank you Paola!
nice guy! He speaks from an authentic place.....
So Nice to see Heikki here! I met him last year in Berlin and he is na amazing person , deeply focused in what he is doing with Pilates. Take care Heikki :)

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