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Many different types of exercise balls are used in Pilates classes. This video shows what the various types of balls are used for in the Pilates practice. Some of the types of balls include the Physioball, Triadball, Overball, Weighted Ball, Franklin Ball and Tennis Ball. Presented by Amy Havens.
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Mar 06, 2013
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Hi, welcome to [inaudible] anytime. I'm Amy havens. This week we're gonna talk about balls. This one is often used in mat classes to spice things up and to provide a lot more challenge on your abs, your butt, your hamstrings, and your balance. So this is a nine inch ball and it's probably the most commonly used ball. If I could choose one out of all of these that I would have in my repertoire and my bag at home, this would be the ball. And we use it a lot. Um, to increase ab work. Again, hamstring work, but work, you'll lay on an inner stomach, you'll lie on your back, uh, put it between your knees and even sometimes your arms.

It's a great useful tool. Um, and definitely spice up your regular map program sometimes is the balls get smaller. The exercises that we use them for get more challenging. So this one could be that ball for you, but again, you're going to put it between your feet, your knees behind your back, uh, really informs the deep musculature of the spine enrolling exercises. And of course your abs never without the abs, that these are the weighted balls and they're filled with sand or something like sand, very easy to hold on to. So, uh, sometimes we'll promote a little bit better ergonomics through your wrist position and your arm usage and you don't have to grip them so hard like you would if you were using regular hand, you know, held weights and they come in various pound sizes. So this is two pounds, I think they go all the way up to 10, 15 pounds. Why would you use these as to use a, to get a little bit more work in the upper body and the arms. So a lot of traditional exercises that we do from the equipment we'll implement into the Mat classes and women love that. Great to tone your arms, your biceps, your triceps, get rid of the jiggle, things like that. Ms Smaller Green Ball, a little bit textured and sometimes we'll use the textured balls for the feet and to wake up the nerve receptors proprioceptors on the foot, which can charge up through the whole entire body. So, uh, you'll see it in feet. We stand on them for balancing, and you might even see some teachers using it behind the back underneath the sacrum to inform your pelvis of where to go for Rebecca side to side, things like that, even in a circle. But these are classic tennis balls, regular size, smaller size. And again, for the feet, we live love to massage the feet. Polonius is great about that.

So you'll see us put them underneath the arches and I'm again waking up the nerves, waking up to appropriate deceptors, breaking up a stuck connective tissue and the muscles in the feet. So it's gonna promote much more mobility and flexibility and that will actually promote better balance eventually too. If you keep that up.


Thanks for this, just a question: is the overball sometimes also called softball? Thanks :)
Sue S
Pilates Anytime I am always surprised at the lack of classes using a spikey ball / prickle ball for trigger point release on PA. It is such an excellent way of achieving release all over the body. I do love Niedra’s classes using larger balls for release work. 

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