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Chair Stretches

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Polestar Faculty member Sherri Betz shares some of her favorite stretches to do after sitting for a long time. These moves work great to stretch you out after (or during) a long flight, car ride or just sitting in a chair at a conference or in the office for an extended period.
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Jun 05, 2013
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Today, physical therapist and movement expert Sherry bets will demonstrate a few exercises you can do after sitting for long periods of time. Hi. Here are some great moves that you can do if you're sitting in a board meeting for hours on end or at a conference or find yourself on a long flight to Europe and you're going to go crazy if you don't do some movement. So here's a couple of things that you might try. So curling your lumbar spine, thinking of your pelvis being like a wheel rolling underneath your spine to get your low back moving a little bit. Then take the hands to the back of the head length in the spine.

And if your chair allows it, then extend over the back of the chair. Just be sure you don't push into your feet and knock yourself over onto your head. It's really not good if you fall on your head. Inhale to reach back and exhale to sit tall. Another move you can do is to scoot to the front of the chair, press into the back of the backrest of the chair, and then stick your chest out like you're a mermaid on the front of a ship. Hopefully not the titanic because the titanic sunk.

Inhale to reach an exhale, relax and inhale, reach, feeling that ultimate chest expansion and relax. And the last one is my favorite. You put one cheek off the chair, not this cheek. Extend your leg back to what I call the marriage proposal position. Just make sure you don't tip the chair over and then lengthen your spine. Get the pelvis underneath.

Keep that low belly lifted so you don't arch your back and then extend your hip. This is the most delicious move. If I've been sitting at a board meeting on an airplane for a long period of time, just make sure that the flight attendant doesn't run over your foot with the, with the cart. Breathe in and breathe out to extend the leg. You don't have to straighten your knee, but what you want to feel is that stretch in the front of the hip.

And then if you're daring and don't hit your neighbor, then you can reach your arm up and over and stretch and lift the ribs off the pelvis and then take the arm back down. Ah, and then maybe you won't kill somebody if you've been sitting for a long period of time. So enjoy opiod fun. Thank you for watching this episode. And please subscribe to our channel if you haven't done so already. For full access to Palladio's classes, tutorials and workshops, go to [inaudible] anytime.com see you.

Next week is anytime is a virtual philosophy studio where you can take real classes with real students. We offer classes at all levels and we add about five new classes every week. A lot of these anytime is always here for you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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Nice Sherri, thanks
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Love these. Thanks.
Glad you enjoyed them Gayle and Taz!
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Thank you for sharing ! I really like it !
Also , your sense of humor is appreciated :))
Thank you Jitka! Glad you enjoyed them!
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Hope the person across the aisle from me will switch seats so I can stretch the other side. :) No time to write more I've got to request a change ...I was confirmed for window seat on my flight!!
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You are too funny Joni! Actually, when I book my flights, I try to changes sides of the plane on the 2nd leg if I have a multi-segment flight!
Thank you Sherri I enjoyed these stretches and will share them with my clients. Also Think that these might work for horse riders-so will try out on a quiet pony!
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Thank you Sherri, it's so useful!

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