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Pilates Anytime co-founder, Kristi Cooper gives us a peek into the Fletcher Pilates Conference 2013 - Shared Traditions. This weekend was jam-packed with fun and interesting events. There were workshops taught by distinguished instructors representing the 5 different lineages, a wonderful fashion show organized by Sherri Betz, and perhaps most exciting, was the groundbreaking discussion panel on the subject of our Shared Traditions in Pilates.
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Jun 12, 2013
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In this episode. Christy Cooper is going to show us her highlights from attending the 2013 Fletcher Palladio's conference in Tucson, Arizona. Enjoy. Hi, this is Christie and I'm here at the Fletcher conference, 2013 theme shared traditions and I got to tell you as we wrap up this amazing weekend, perfect weather, tons of friends, tons of history. The weekend kicked off with a great reception by carrier heading into the next day of all the workshops presented by Deborah, lessen Kara recert blossom, Laelani, Crawford, Michelle Larson, Brett Howard, Diane Seberino, Michael pod, wall, Chilean house, IB new. Just went on and on and of course the entire Fletcher organization is here for their every two years conference that they do.

Some major highlights that were so exciting with the, first of all, we had a fashion show by Sherry Beck who is Fletcher trained but also Pollstar representatives. So that was [inaudible] really fun. She brought in the importance of being able to work in the studio all day as we do and then transitioned to perhaps lunch with friends and then taking it into please even or not evening wear. That led to my highlight and I think maybe the highlight of the conference, which was the shared traditions panel, but I was so honored to moderate to be able to ask this group people to questions that we did and to hear their answers which were so open and embracing. It was really quite mind blowing to see how similar we really are. Then it topped off with the us to have all CS rooftop ceremonies and we were just desert. The weather was perfect unexpectedly, so the mariachi van showed up and it was like a party all night long.

What curious Aden, director of bodies international was able to pull off was this side of Regulus, if not [inaudible] totally miraculous. The ability to bring together these five lineages under the house of just one. I'm not sure it's ever been done before. She clearly has a team of people who are not only organized and precise and in support of her, they are efficient, loving, caring and want to share and to me that is what blogging is all about. I think they've simplified it this weekend magnificently.

I was a huge honor to be here and I hope that we can share it with you all as much as possible. Thank you for watching this episode and please subscribe to our channel if you haven't done so already. For access to full polities classes, tutorials and workshops, go to [inaudible] dot com see you next week. Ladies. Anytime is a virtual philosophy studio where you can take real classes with real students. We offer classes at all levels and we add about five new classes every week. A lot of these anytime is always here for you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



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