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Pilates Memorial Plaque

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Lolita San Miguel, trained by Joseph Pilates himself, tells us about how the Pilates Memorial Plaque, in Mönchengladbach, Germany, came to be there. Lolita also shares some of her feelings and memories from her long Pilates career.
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Jul 10, 2013
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In today's episode, Kristy Cooper talks with Lolita San Miguel. One of Joseph [inaudible] is first generation students about how she put up a Memorial plaque in his honor in his hometown in Germany. I don't know how to pronounce the name of the street, Walden house or stressor. And it took me a long time cause I just got of here. Is this actually the street that Jessa [inaudible] what made you come to Montana? My bag, I started my mentor program, the [inaudible] master mentor program and the Claudia Holtzman sent me an email saying, I'm a single mother of two.

I would love to take your mentor program but I cannot afford to come to Florida. And then she asked me, where do you live? And I said, close to Dusseldorf. And she asked me, is it far away from [inaudible]? I said, no, absolutely. And then she said, okay, I will come. We came here on may, the first may I started to talk about Joseph [inaudible]. And to my horror, I realized that they did not know Joseph P Lantus, which surprised me because I mean his hometown and they didn't know.

I went to city hall and I, uh, went through the archives and there was very little information on him. I did get some things that I didn't know. For example, I saw the birth records and that he was the second of nine siblings and that a lot of places where he had lived because new information, yes, we kept having yearly congresses, uh, in the area, always in may celebrating the lattice day. And in 2011, we then placed the plaque and this is the site where Joe, this is his house. He lives, is it the house was right here. And here's the plan and here's the plaque. And down here the small plaque, we have the list of the donors and we commissioned a Czech artist to design the plaque. May, 1520 11 the mayor came and it was covered with like a sheet and he took off. And we are very proud of it. Why was it so important to you?

Here's the question that this town knew of him, the rest of the world does. So what was so important to me was that vision that I immediately came back to me of him being unhappy, thinking that his method had not achieved what he wanted to. When we know now, it's so untrue. And we often wish that he were here to see us. Right, right. And I remember my very dear friend Kathy grant, when we would go to the PMA com conferences, she would look at me and she'd say, it makes me so sad that he's not here to see this.

So I would look at Karen and I would say, but Kathy, he is here. And she would look at me. She'd say, do you really think so? And I would say, yes, of course he's here. And of course we would both feel better after that. Right.


Excellent. I think that is lovely of Lolita and others to give Joseph Pilates the recognition he and Clara both deserve.

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