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Breathing Meditation

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Dr. Brent Anderson guides you through his so-hum breathing meditation technique that will help to center your mind and energize your body. Let your mind concentrate on Dr. Anderson's voice and release some of the stress you've built up over the day.
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Jul 17, 2013
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In today's episode, I traveled to Pollstar [inaudible] studio in Miami, Florida, where Dr Brent Anderson teaches me a breathing meditation to wind me down after very exciting day. So, you know, it's very true that in the Palati his work, breathing is one of the most important things, but we really don't concentrate on breath and especially not the energetic aspect of breath. So what I want to do is I'm going to take Amy through just a real quick example of a breath meditation that's so easy. Everybody can do it for themselves or with their class. And what it basically is is the Soham. You probably have heard about it.

You maybe been made fun of it. You put your fingers like this and you do a Soham. But the truth is, so is the vibration of sound coming into your nose. And harm is the vibration of sound coming out your nose. So what I'm gonna do is a little bit of singing and I love to do it. My voice is horrible these days, but I'm still going to sing. So hum.

And I'm going to have Amy close her eyes and all she has to do is breathe with the pace that I give her. And then as soon as we're done with that, I want her just to explain a little about how she feels. Afternoon Soham and you can be doing it at the same time. And I'm asking you the same question. Okay. So we're going to get low, comfortable. Okay. And again, this is great. After a pilates class, they bring their box off the reformer, they sit down, they sit on the floor, they get into that nice sort of Yogi relaxed position. And we start off with a nice long sustained breath. So here we go. You're going to inhale when I say so we're saying, so an exhale when I seen him.

You Ready? So exhale all your out. Uh, [inaudible] so, um, okay, so I'm sorry. So, um, so, um, so, um, so, um, so, um, so, um, so, um, so, um, so, um, so, um, so, um, so, um, just gently open up your eyes. So just after doing that, what kind of things do you have? Just in that 30 seconds or 40 seconds of so humming a little, little more grounded, but yet a little electrified at the same time. Yeah, it's not, it's not uncommon because what happens is, you know, we tend to not breathe enough sometimes and we don't get rid of the air in our lungs is still air. So just to finish up a class, by getting rid of the air, doing a little bit of pulsing with your breath, you notice how we got quicker towards the end is enough to be able to stimulate and centralize your thought. Because as you're breathing, you can't be thinking about anything else in our daily lives.

We're so busy thinking about things and worrying about things we can't control. Just by doing a little breath, meditation sort of brings you into, and probably the most important thing will manifest itself to you right afterwards. That's what you want to focus on. Not The things you can control is Dr. Brian Anderson with plots anytime and podcasts to help you have a better quality of life.


So simple, yet so valuable. Thank you.
Great way to end a session! Thanks.
Toooooo short! But great!!! Thank you!
Good vibrations! Thanks, y’all!

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