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Kristi Cooper interviews Reiner Grootenhuis at his studio, Pilates Powers, in Tönisvorst, Germany. Reiner is the creator of the popular Pilates forum Pilates-Contrology-Forum and was gracious enough to show us around his studio and tell us a bit about his Pilates experience.
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Jul 31, 2013
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In this episode. Christy Cooper travels to Thomas first Germany and talks with Reiner Gruten house, who is a studio owner and creator of the popular Claudia's control a G online forum. Hi, I'm here with Reiner Grooten house and in Germany you're going to have to say the name of your town, tune his FoST at his studio at [inaudible] powers. And he's about to give us a tour of the studio. But before we do that, we're going to take a walk because rhino lives just around the corner here. So I want to see the area a little bit more. First I saw this, this is small town called Tunis forest, which isn't that tuna's forest that's, I'm close to Dusseldorf and close to mentioned that where Joseph was born. So I had a certain point in my life. I was 115 kilos. Yeah. Like, Oh my goodness, yes. Yeah.

And my first child was there and getting something from there. Yeah. And then thinking of ours was kind of let's say hard, so I need to do something, I need to do something for me. I can't go on like that. And then if I'm Pilatos Grace Kelly. Yes, of course. [inaudible] [inaudible] right. She was a student of Corolla tree. I did not know that. Oh really? I lost these friends. I mean her wonderful posture, we all know stems from Granada's. That's incredible, isn't it?

So Christie, well, I come to my studio. Oh, this is great. She'll show you. We'll put that face. Yes. Terrific. Thank you. I've seen all this on Facebook. It's nice to see them. And here's something for the kids to play. So they have a playing staff books to read. Yeah, but they can grab something then they're here and move to the mother. And these are the ducks from Brett Brett stocks.

Yes, exactly. And that was a present when I opened the studio from an Heidelberger studio. So community at his best. So she sent it to me and I got it framed and, and put something on it to make it more deeply. And here I sell the book with you inside it, the famous book with Christie inside Lee's on the cover. So always an essay you have to do here a little bit anterior.

I pulled the book and say, look, there's this Brent bells and Springs in Portugal. They started to, to build a reformers and also wall units. I have William. It's, but um, I like the, it's, it's, you know, Portugal is very famous for cook. Cool. Huh? That's cork. Oh, Philly. Yes. It's cold in summer. Lie on it. And I know it's cold in summer and it's warm in, in, in, in the, in the winter time. That is the 10 principles. Uh, Joel, a, um, a radio put down through Midkiff, through his feeding with empathy. Empathy with people because you're not, I'm a Buddhist. Buddhist.

So the empathy in Belarus, I ad's always isn't it? If people would come into the studio and it's kind of a, you just have to get resonate with them. What's about their life at the moment? What can you do or bring to them to make it richer? Right. I'm looking at these wall units, you know, they need to have eight. You have eight wall unit.

I don't want to in a six in this room and two over there. So my class are restricted completely to eight. How many students do you have? 100 now. Boom, boom. That was good. We thought it would be nice to actually get everything stacked up so you can clean more easily. Quite practical. I love the way you have them staff where you can fit the box into. Yes, exactly.

I had some professional ice hockey players here last summer or that their summer camp with me. Two people. One is playing in the U S and uh, but stems from here and he wanted to do with summer camp. And then if you put on red Springs yeah. For the [inaudible] where it's really, it's really weird. Yeah. But it's clear ice hockey is probably like worth just a resume. Yeah, that is tough. It's tough for them to, I mean especially if you think about the letter, but I was really shocked that the ice hockey players have one side and they are okay. Sure. But one side they are so weak they couldn't come up side. No chance. He was laying there hanging a professional ice hockey player, no chance at all. And I was kind of shocked. Like what do they train?

What do they do with them? Why don't they help them to, yeah, keep at least some stability in their spine. We have these three teachers over there and you'll see they're open spots available.


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I found this interview very nice and inspiring. Shame it was so short. Wanted to see and hear more.
Thanks Anat. I believe Pilates Anytime plans to publish the full interview too.
Indeed We are going to post the rest of the interview! I'll check on it. We're somewhat buried in the editing of The Legacy Project so it could be October before it goes live...
Loooove the engineering of the cadillacs against the walls!
I would have loved to see how it all works!
Looks awesome I would love to see the studio one day I grew up in Hemer so not far away

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