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Balanced Body™ founder and CEO Ken Endelman takes us on a tour of the Balanced Body™ factory in Sacramento, California. We get to see this huge complex and learn about the ecological and high-quality practices of Balanced Body™. Take a peak behind the scenes and so how so many Pilates products are produced by the largest Pilates equipment manufacturer in the world.
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Aug 28, 2013
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In today's episode, Ken Endelman, founder and CEO of balanced body will give us a tour of his headquarters in Sacramento, California, where all the balance body equipment is designed and manufactured. Hi, my name is Ken Andelman. I we're here at balanced body and we were in Sacramento, California. And I'm going to take parties anytime on a tour of a balanced body and kind of show you, you know, what we do here and kind of how we do it here. So if you don't mind, come inside and we're going to go for a tour.

So I think it's a really good idea to give a little bit of history behind this building. This building was built as part of a complex, which is an old u s army supply depot that was built during World War Two. So we're in this whole area. There's 2 million square feet of industrial space. So it all kind of starts right here. The raw wood comes in this door here and then as it moves in this direction, it gets process. What's you're hearing right now and these? The one yelling is because you're hearing the dust production system.

What we do right now is we're, you know, constantly sucking the dust out, filtering it and bring it fresh air into here. Do it. Log is doing right now Raj is putting together the echo chair. You just set up the glue gun. The good guy actually mixing the good together and then he'd squirt it into the crack where it's supposed to go. [inaudible].

Yeah, fault line. If there weren't, when it run in an enclosed area. Right now where we do all our sandy, this is one of our two spray booths and they're being staged here. They'll get finished and then I'll go through that other door. We'll go walk around here and we'll show us you. This stuff will come through here. After his first coat of finish, it gets by Saturday. Again, I know it's going to go for a second coat of finish at any point along the line. If there's anything that doesn't get done well enough or any possible defects or perceived defects, then it gets mark and it goes back to where it came from.

And it's kind of this ongoing quality control that we do at balanced body. We divide things by product groups and within those product groups we'll change from one product to another. Armchairs wander chairs, extra chairs. These are the pads and they were already made all organizer inventory it on what's called the Kanban system. And these cards right here, when they get down to this level right here, we'll go to the people that make these chair covers and they'll know to replenish the supply. You know, one of the things that we do at balance body is we're really proud of how green we are. So when we first moved here, we did a lot of things to make this place more, more ecological. One of the things that we did is we added insulation in the ceiling. We added 52 skylights in there. Um, we figured out ways to keep the cold air out in the winter and the warm air out in the summer. So we keep the temperature stabilize.

Here we had a big problem cause you were sending, we were sending reformers to our customers in on wooden pallets. They'd get these pallets and they wouldn't know what to do with them. They can't burn 'em because they're treated there bug proof. And so now we've got cardboard pallets that we can send stuff out when it goes to customers, they just get the whole thing and they just recycle and it works really, really, really good. On our right here is really called the supermarket. It's called a supermarket because it's kind of like a supermarket with aisles and stuff. And we know where each patient eats, where each part is based on the number of the, of the aisle.

One of the things that I'm most proud about here is our testing program. We've designed specific pieces of equipment to test the products that we're selling. This is Chris Severino. He's going to explain to you what we're trying to do and why we're doing it. Here you go. Alright, thank you. Okay, so what we have here is our cycle testing machine. It's an air powered, uh, air cylinder that goes back and forth, back and forth, and we have counters on it so we can know how many cycles it goes. We can test our core line bands over and over and over until they break.

And then we've also added on this foam testing feature where we can roll these, uh, weighted rollers over, foam back and forth, back and forth, and we can test how, um, how resilient the foam is and how long, how many compressions and how many uses that it'll be a nice and company and, and usable for you. When I first started making stuff, I had to cut everything with Mason. I tampered with the razor blade and that's how I kept everything as consistent as I possibly could. But now we've gotten CMC fabric cutter, it's like a tiny little pizza cutter and it goes up and down and twirls. The other cool thing about this machine is, has actually optimized patterns. So it'll actually fit things in, in the closest, most efficient way for us. So we saw the cutting area, then we saw the summary area, walked past the foam area.

Now it all kinda comes together here and this is where they're actually going to put the fabric on the wooden forms of how we make the culture parts. You look back here, what we're doing here is we're actually upholstery boxes, so we're taking the stone powers and these were just sewn just a few minutes ago down at the other end here we have a warehouse where we keep our finished stuff and also a lot of our raw materials we'll show you. Well I just missed out one, Huh? The area right here is for incoming freight and also where we do a lot of our inspections for stuff coming in. So as we, we order order materials, we do a a continuous inspection on stuff that's coming in to make sure that it's the same quality that we're expecting to get. And kind of what you're just seeing here is just the inventory ready to go. And it's all part of what we're trying, we're trying to do is have stuck in stocks that when you order equipment, we can ship it within a day or two. So this is where, where it goes in and then we're, a lot of it comes out.

You look at stage along this loading dock here. That's kind of our tour. It's really great to have plays anytime in here. And I thank you guys that are watching this, this video for adaptivity to show you the balance body. Thanks.


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Hi Ken...Thanks sooo much for taking the time to create a tour. I always wanted to see where my equipment comes from!! Your equipment is truly the best. Cheers, Ann from Guelph, Canada
p.s. I'm the one who bought an Allegro and you and your staff managed to squeeze it in my dodge shadow at Can Fit Pro. I've loved it ever since!!
Hi Ken, what a treat to walk the factory floor with you. It is a lovely faciility and it is so interesting to see how it is all put together. I can almost smell the wood.
Thank you for doing this. I have wanted to see your place for years and now I do not need to make the trip.
Where are the Allegro2's?
Angela in Albany New York

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