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Toe Gizmo

13 mins - Special


Rachel Taylor Segel shares a piece of equipment invented by Joseph Pilates himself -- the Toe Corrector or Toe Gizmo. Although you can purchase this prop from a Pilates equipment company like Balanced Body or Gratz, you can also make it yourself using two thick rubber bands or just two of the rubber bands that come around broccoli or asparagus. Once you have a gizmo of your own, follow Rachel's instructions in order to improve your overall foot health by strengthening and aligning your toes. To see full Rachel Taylor Segel classes, click here.
What You'll Need: Toe Corrector

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Sep 11, 2013
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Hi Rachel. Hi Amy. Nice to see. Oh, I'm back in boulder. Here I am with a good friend of mine, I think. Yes. And she has something special to share. I think about a feat and something kind of near to ...


Well that is just what I needed! Thank you!
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Wow, I really love all the footwork classes you offer! Thank you! Would there be any issues with sitting on the floor to reach your feet, instead of bending over from a chair?
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Very nice, thank you
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This is great! I cannot wait to use this at the end of the session with my senior adults as a take-away (homeworm assignment) before the holidays! Thank you!
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Wonderful! I've a Toe Exerciser and a Foot Corrector, andI need more classes to learn how to properly use them. Thank you for this one. I'd love more, please. Perhaps a suggestion for a series?
Good exercise! Will do it with my seniors tomorrow.
Love this, especially how it relates to an Anatomy Trains perspective of the body, off to buy some asparagus now!
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Thank you so much for adding this class. I've been considering (and dreading) bunion surgery. I'm so looking forward to seeing what results I can get using a toe corrector. Praying for no surgery!
Thank you so much for adding this class to pilates anytime....It seems so simple to add in to a class and so very beneficial.
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After trying this out I have to admit if I pulled my toes up to the extent where I could start to feel a stretch I then could not overcome the resistance of the band (Homemade toe corrector!) to place the toe back down. My toes probably are not as buff as Amy's! Just to let anyone trying this out that they may not to the point of feeling the stretch in order to work the muscle in the opposing direction. I have posted a lovely pic of my bunion on my blog in order to help me commit to the exercises twice a day!
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