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At the PMA Conference 2013, Pilates Anytime & Pilates Style hosted our third annual party in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The wonderful Tracey Mallett takes us inside the party to see our instructors moving and grooving and celebrating the lifestyle that is Pilates. Check out who attended this year's event and hear what some of our guests had to say about their time with us.
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Oct 23, 2013
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Party at the PMA

Hi, I'm Tracy, malice and we here again in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. So Florida is anytime is SA annual party, believe it or not, it says 30th we're going to potty, we're going to have fun and we're going to set up right where we all have a passion for. A lot of these anytime has given absolute access to every person in the world, the most expressible teachers in the whole world. Easiest way to get a workout. When I was a student, it was the best resource I could, I could possibly add. I really truly think somebodies anytime is such an amazing forum and platform.

You get your message out, people get information, information that proves the quality of what they teach better than a lot of these people that can really move. Or you want to come with me? Come on, let's go and see some secret style magazine. See that pocket a minute on the damn slow. It's about love the end of the day. And we get to hang out and have fun and check out great ideas.

Amy Havens

So today we have the amazing, beautiful Amy who has been with Polis anytime from day one.

Tell me, Amy, you're such a star. How has plies anytime effected your life? A lot is anytime has affected my life in so many ways. I've met you, I've gotten to know you. I've gotten to know lots of different people in the command PyLadies community. I am the YouTube phase for Palladio's anytime. Uh, I've taught over 115 classes, hundred and 15 classes on your nuclear, your team classes I think and maybe more, I'm not quite sure, but I am now hosting people when they come to the studio, I'm there on a weekly basis when our guests, teachers come into the studio and I get to take them out to dinner and get to know them better. Dina, so you do eat then? Cause I'm showing up.

People ask all the time, do you eat? Of course I'd love to eat. Well you did the breathing exercises afterwards to flatten the abdominals down after you've eaten. He know I have to travel and I've traveled so much this past year. How people don't know about the lineage. They have no idea of where Pohlad has come from, where the exercise is derived from.

And I think it's special for them to understand so they can really truly get a grasp of what they're actually chairing. I couldn't agree with you more. I spoke to somebody in the hotel this morning, an older man who lives here in Florida and saw the his method Alliance, you know, bag I was carrying and he asked me about Pilati. So he goes, well what is that? And I said, actually it's named after and a real man named Joseph [inaudible]. And just so that's one person in the real world. But even our young teachers out there don't know Ramana, they don't know the name Ramana Chris and Alsco. So we're teaching, we're educating and we're getting more the younger teachers to know who came before them. It's incredibly, they have to know well, they have to know that to know what's special about why they're doing it and why are they queuing this specific way. Why is this touch this meaningful touch? Why is that concept so meaningful? They need to know where it came from, that embody it. I think embody and also the Joseph plies was a man.

And it's not just for women, it's not for women. It's, it's, I mean it is for women, but it is for men. More men should do polite. It's for all of us, for children. So come and join us and have some fun with this. So I'm here, I'm privileged to interview Carissa, who is the QA.

Cara Reeser

So for the legacy projects for Kathy grant, I heard about all the, how this happens.

You and Christie were at lunch, you are brainstorming kind of thinking, well how can we make an impact? And the decided is to do the legacy project. Please tell us what that experience has been like. Um, it's been amazing. I mean I feel like the thing that was most important to me, the message of sending to the party's audience was that you belong to something much more important than, than just exercise. That this is years of people innovating and developing. And so I said it to Christie and she was in and we went and it's been a year and a half. And, um, we're so excited to finally offer this project to the public to all please, anytime members. So it's awesome. Was there anything that you've found out that you didn't know? Was this some surprises? Anything interesting you'd like to share?

Oh my gosh. So many things. I mean the research was from like New York public library and the dance department where the first time I ever saw my teacher Cathy grant actually dance and old stock footage that was in the public library to photographs that dance theater of Harlem sent me of her two photographs that Deborah lessen sent of Kathy. I'm spotting Corolla in the Swan. And suddenly I realized we're all one thing, you know. And, and the goal of this project was really to let go of the divisions and just realize this one voice we have. And um, and I watched the library, the project so far online and I'm completely thrilled. And I, it is only a gift that PyLadies anytime is giving to the public. It's just only a gift. I just, I absolutely so agree that we will coming together as a team, that this is movement, that we appreciate movement and we will part of it. And that's what it's all about. Absolutely.

And also about healing, you know, so the, the way that those teachers healed their clients the same way that we heal our clients and that we can also heal as a community to come together and just do the best for everyone. What as a team we foster longer than we are as an individual. And the play's legacy is all about this. To help you understand that we're here for you to share some here's sands into

Kathy Corey

my good friend Cathy Corey for the third year. Believe it or not for the third year. I can't believe it.

It's so wonderful to be here. You know, um, you were blessed to be one of the GRTs. Of course we were blessed to have you as one of the duties. Tell me, what was you looking for for that next Pele's anytime instructor. It is so interesting because we received so many videos from all over the world and eh, really what we wanted to do was to look at the quality of the teaching as well as the performance of the instructor. It's a mixture of safety, a performance queuing and that kind of magical thing in teaching where there's a connection between the student, the teacher, and the audience is looking for them as well. Skill is a very, very big important part as well as the proper balance between how you get the person to really be successful in performing the exercises. It was challenging but great. No, I think that's a great answer.

The connection is all about, so actually connecting to the words with their body, with what they're saying. Now I know you've traveled a lot and we've also been to Korea, so when you to shower with them, that funny experience that we had, what was that costume we were wearing? They gave us that costume. It was called a hanbok and it was a traditional Korean costume that is used for weddings and formal downs. Yeah, absolutely. And so it had many different layers. We had big long petticoats and skirts over that and then a jacket that tied and it was all done in sale.

They had each one made individually for all the presenters and we not own, they were presented on the stage with these beautiful gowns and traditional costumes for the men as well. But then we got a little bit out of control and ended up on the floor doing the hundred in these giant gowns. It was really fun. And also I would like to add at this point that Korea is a very new market for [inaudible] and what I liked about it so much is that they are really trying to bring over quality instructors and begin their programming with great education. I think it's very, very important that whenever a new market starts up that they really look to what is working and not just imitate the work but educate the work. So I just thought about is education good education where we love you come back next year,

Alan Herdman

some here with the lovely Alan Herdman and it was exactly a year ago.

We start here, it was in Vegas of course, and we asked you whether you would come on Polis anytime and you gracefully accepted and we're so blessed to have you tell us. What was your experience like? I had a wonderful experience. Um, first of all, the studio is so fantastic and I always thought that that view of the sea was a backdrop. Yeah. So what, so when I got there and saw that it was a real place and it just loved it and everyone was so friendly and I just loved it. And tell me, have you noticed your career, anything change within your career? Hopefully it has.

I don't see there's any change sort of career wise, but the exposure is fantastic. I've had lots of con, uh, email comments from people and they've been wonderful. They've been very positive and, uh, career is fine. I just think exposure is, is good. Well, I think for you that you now more globally, people know you more globally. Uh, yeah, definitely. And, and not just home the UK.

Oh, well I've, I've been around for quite a while. I've been around and you know, it's, it's, it's just, it is nice to be a recognized. It is food. You deserve to be recognized. And I have to say that a Christie really made me very welcome and we just, you know how you'd suddenly gel with someone. Yeah. And so everything was easy. Now, um, we will have lost Julian Julian little third and it's day a friend of both. Tell me like your, this morning was amazing.

The memoriam was very upsetting to see such a courageous man. Is that something you would love to share to everybody about him? I just feel very sad that I've lost a very good friend and someone that I've known since he was 17 I knew him as a young student and although we lost touch when he was dancing in America, we, we really United when he had his own studio and we saw each other regularly when we were presenting. And also every time he came to London we would sit over dinner and just talk about business and about life. And I think it's a sad loss. It's a sad loss. Such an amazing person.

And he has contributed so much to the [inaudible] community. He had a, a just a huge heart and he shared everything. Well, I remember last time when we last year in Vegas and he kept making comments about my ass. I was like, here's my kind of guy. He was obsessed with a tight ass. He had everybody go to Ontario and you'd, I see all the secrets come out now.

And this is before drinks. What would you tune in? Tune in? Lighter. Thank you. Three. Huh? So I'm here with the amazing,

Brett Howard

Brett Howard had a great year this year. I got to travel with him to Korea. Tell me, how did you like Korea? Wasn't it just a phenomenal experience? It was a very fun, a phenomenal experience for me. And uh, I think that, uh, I love going to different cultures and seeing different people and just seeing how different people live and react. And um, I think it really lets you know about the world and you know, everyone's different and that's very important and it really changes how you think about everything. And what I thought was really interesting, which leads me to the next question is about the [inaudible] legacy because we were both there and we both realize that they really didn't know much about the plies legacy.

And you've had a great project to represent the legacy of Romana. Um, I'd love you to share exactly how that experience has affected you. Um, it's first of all, it's just been a really amazing experience. And, um, Romano was my teacher and at first I was a little bit hesitant because, um, how can you really do justice someone who you respect and admire so much? So it's a kind of a daunting task. But, um, I love uncovering things and, um, I love giving back, giving back to someone who inspired me, someone who was very influential to me, someone who really shaped a great part of my life. And, um, it was really nice to just give back and give a precedent because I want other people to see how much of a wonderful person she was. And so I think that was the best part.

Sorry. I bet I have to ask this. Was there any surprises that you, the, I mean you knew her so well, you'd spent so many years with her, she's inspired you, she's shaped your life and how your teeth, but was there any surprises? Definitely. I can't you say what they are. Um, I'm not going to give specifics, but I definitely would say one huge surprise is that I just, I knew she was a powerful person, but as we started uncovering more things and uh, displaying more things about her, I, uh, the depth of how powerful and how much there was to her, it really was amazing. She, she was a really special, she was very special because she said shed Polaris to a Saul and all of us have got part of her, what she's done. So it's incredible. Thank you so much for bets. So I'm with way out.

Rael Isacowitz

Is that [inaudible] we have the pleasure of having him.

Last year we didn't see him, but we've got him here. So we're very happy. And this year has been an incredible, for a year for you, you've moved bound back to customizer. I know you out there surfing probably every day or is it right? So tell us why did you move? What, what is your purpose for your moving down to the customizer? Well, I moved up to Oregon to remove myself a little geographically from the business and uh, you know, I love nature. I wanted to do wind surf.

I wanted to snowboard, I wanted a mountain bike. I want to do, just get in touch with elements of life that I love and uh, bring a balance back to my life. But in all truth and in all honesty, eyes really missing the business. So yeah, I was, I was missing getting my hands on people. I was teaching a lot, teaching a lot at conferences, teaching a lot at events. But, uh, what I enjoy most is just getting my hands on people, teaching and taking control of my business again, and just being in the studio in the headquarters and uh, being there for the thousands of people that have put their confidence in me and trust in me. And your studio is just beautiful. Um, I'm sure as you get up every day, you and your dream studio, I know it's your dream studio that you've always dreamt of, been in. That must be a huge inspiration for you. It is. I, I walk into that studio every morning. I walked through this, I walked through this area. There's like this a fountain waterfall. I just walked through there and I feel I'm cleansing myself and I walk into that studio and I honestly, every single morning it takes my breath away and every evening it takes my breath away and I look around and I, yes, it is. It's the, the, the Academy that I will always wanted the studio, I've always wanted, the sense I've always wanted and it draws in the most incredible people.

And that's what I love. It's a center of beautiful, positive energy and high caliber education. You attract who you are, so you only attract in or who you are. It's true. So tell us, you've got so many great workshops on Pele's anytime. Is there anything new for us? Oh, we've got the plots for men. About time you have something Polonius for men. Stop.

Just tell us a little bit about that. Well, [inaudible] for men is exactly what it is. [inaudible] was created by a man for men and it's about time that more men did bodies. So it's for men and for all you ladies out there that teach men, that means I'm going to see more men in my class. Absolutely. Thank you. [inaudible] we hope to see more of you on politics. Any time. Tracy, you don't need me to see more men in your classes.

Brent Anderson

So I'm with my lovely friend, Brent Anderson, who we love. Tell us about San Diego. They had this great conference this year in San Diego, the polo, the Pollstar conference. Tell us, what were the highlights for you? Well, I think the biggest highlight for us, whether there's a first time that we launched Pollstar life, which is about lifestyle, and that was a smash. And then we also had a really special event working with the special Olympics. So we were able to raise over $20,000 for the special Olympics or a local San Diego chapter. And a, the athletes themselves came and participated in the Pilates class.

And we had about a hundred people in the class and it was a phenomenal experience. That was the highlight was a highlight to see that, to see how you're honoring all these special needs children that need polities. That's wonderful. Now I know you were one of the gogs for plies. Anytime instructor. Tell me what, what were you looking for in like a tip for the people that might, uh, enter for next year? What do you think is the most important? Well, you know, I think that maturity is one of the most important things in a teaching maturity. Yeah. Why did you have to be old?

My maturity as a teacher? Like the language and how you [inaudible] barriers I like experienced by the maturity. Yes. Okay. I'll, I'll, we'll go with experience. And that experience has to do with flow. It's like the transition of the class. Um, the other thing that I thought was really important in this was looking at the body position of the actual teacher. So we are looking at, you know, do you emulate Palladio's as applied his teacher in your own body position with the actual students. So that was really important. And third, you know, did you have charisma? I am supposed to burn the end Christie item boy, she knocked it out of the house with the Christmas. Yeah. You must be so proud of her. This is one of your students. Oh, I'm very glad I withheld my votes.

I didn't want to be biased. So what do you have in store for 2014 I hope it's coming back to plot is anytime, but any highlight that you would like to share that you've got in the works? You know, probably the biggest highlight for us is we started a program at Rutgers university, a full comprehensive training built into the university with certification at the end of the PMA. So it's really exciting for us. And the caliber of the teaching that's coming out with these students is off the charts. I mean, we're seeing, um, a whole new generation applied. His teachers are going to come out of this program, a whole new generation. I'm sorry, but I have to ask him. In your eyes, what's a whole new generation? You know, it's a, it's the level of professionalism. They, they get it, they understand the principles.

They're already incorporating concepts of what they're going to bring to the profession. They're incorporating, uh, you know, the skills of opening a practice in a, in a studio. And I mean, just the whole, the whole picture of being a [inaudible] teacher, it sounds incredible. You know, the, the very beginning from day one, you know, it's like they're halfway through the program now and they're already beautiful teachers. How I'm Aw man, I'm excited for you built into the program. So it's not even, you know, it's not like a weekend kind of thing. These are like full time students for a year that are studying to be a professional plots teacher. So we're excited about that. Well, thank you to Brent and we love having you.

Kyria Sabin

So we hear what Kiva Severyn and her wonderful, beautiful daughter.

How, how's it feel like to come meet with you mommy? It feels amazing to be here and it's so Freddy and it's really fun as your mom inspired you a lot to do. Polities yes. And I have to ask you this as he helped you, um, how'd you feel like it's helped you on your everyday life at school? Well, I um, had a knee injury and it really helped me like recover and helped me like with a reformer work. It helped me get better and heal. So great. We'd love to hear things like that. Maybe you'll inspire lots of children watching this, including my daughter.

I want her to do more. Politesse is too, it's good for you. And they'd love to talk about your, you had a great conference this year and you are the Q writer for Ron, flashy for the Polaris legacy. Please share with us exactly you have footage and footage of one Fletcher in you is how inspiring has this been for you? Well, I think that the opportunity that Polonius anytime provided to, to establish Ron's legacy was, um, was tremendous and really, um, plotty said anytime was the only venue that I can imagine, um, providing this opportunity for the pilots for all this time. The time has come and people are hungry for the history of the work and, and to really know our heritage. And um, so so far it's been sort of whisper down the lane, you know, it's been, um, it's an oral history and to really hear, um, as, as close to the source as possible from each of the different lineages. Um, and, and to know that it's a work in progress is, is really exciting to me. You know, this isn't the end, this is just the beginning of our history. Um, and so much has happened in the past two years including our conference, um, including the movement of movement video or, or movie that just came out.

Um, and I think the time has come to really tell the is history in a meaningful way. I'd love to hear your conference. I hear wonderful things about it. What was one of your highlights of it was, um, the title of the conference was shared traditions and um, we featured five of the Pilates lineages, the same five that plots anytime as is featuring. And, um, the feeling at the conference was, um, there's, there is more that similar, there's more that binds us than is different. Yeah. So with all this research that obviously you've been doing, is there anything that you didn't know that you've found out? Well, it was interesting. I had a conversation with Brett Howard this morning and, um, as, as you know, he's, he's their Vermont a teacher and, and Ron and Romana were not, they weren't close. Um, and, and Brad said to me this morning, he said, Curia of all of the five, Ron and Romana were the most similar and, and just their approach and in who they were as teachers and the fact that they were adamant that this the, this is the way that there is, there is a truth to Palazzo days. And, um, and, and they, they, they stayed very true to what they remembered from, from Joe and Clara. So it was wonderful to hear that because he said, I wouldn't have gotten that had I not gone to your conference.

We are going to be hearing so much. We're gonna learn a lot from this plies legacy that applies anytime of John and we have to thank so two wonderful people, a view to, to give up so much time to do this. And we truly thank you for doing it. Thank you for doing polarities. You are an next generation. You are the next in the lineage for the plys legacy. You realize that. Yes. Thank you. So I'm with the lovely Jennifer crease, a good friend of mine.

Jennifer Kries

Now Jenny for, you've had a busy year, but I would love to talk about you was one of the judges for Polaris anytime. And can you tell me what was the findings? Did you, was you impressed with the teaching? Did you see talents? I did saw a lot of wonderful qualities in the teachers and I would say, um, at the same time I feel that there's truly a need for greater education today. And when I say that, I think I'm talking about history and I'm talking about the origins of the method. Yeah. I feel like there needed to be more dynamic to the movement, I would say. And even even as I say that, there was great talent obviously because we chose an incredible winner who are all very proud of.

I think it's great talent, but you think by understanding what the intent of the movement would be, which does come from the lineage, obviously, and that's why we're doing the polarities legacy. I think that might shine some light on why it's important to have intent with the movements. I think it's so vital. Well, I think that, you know, since the late nineties when you and I were working together, when the very first Palladio's video came out, when we produced that with Cal Pozo, um, it's sold something to the tune of 15 million units and it happened virtually overnight. It was such an explosion that I think that Pele's grew almost faster than the training could keep up with it. And I think we're too quick. Yeah. I mean, you know, as business people, you never want to say something grows too quickly. But you know, every house needs a very strong foundation. And I think one of the things, as I will reiterate now is that the dynamic and the pulse and the passion and the clarity that Joseph piles taught with that Romana my teacher taught with, there are a lot of people in today's [inaudible] world who are not privy to those all important aspects.

And so I know that after watching the submission tapes from a lot of these aspiring Pilates instructors, I kind of wanted to reach through the screen and be able to give them hands on and give them that VIM and vigor and that passion so that they would understand that what Peloton is really wanted was movement, not too much fixing movements. It is really the bottom line, you know? And I think that the other thing that people lose sight of is that it's an art. It's really so much more than an exercise system or a workout. You know? It's, it's what we saw in Mark Pedro's film and movement for movement last night, which he depicted so beautifully. It really is something that takes years to cultivate, to really know how to look at a body and diagnose it.

To know what someone needs. Well, I think it's important that we talk about, it's not just an exercise, it's movement. It's not just exercise. It has, there's always intent, every move that you do. And I think people forget that they think it's about fancy choreography. Let's get back to the basics. Let's get back to the foundations that's truly understand why we do this.

And I think you've been such a great, you know, Crusader on this part and I think that's wonderful. Is up for 2014 gotta throw that in there. Well, I'm launching my mentorship program, which is starting November, actually next month, the ninth and 10th. And it's a program which is sort of something that provides the missing link. Something that I was alliterating to earlier, you know, alluding to, um, to help teachers who have taught for already a year or two or more to finesse their teaching. Um, and I'm also particularly thrilled because waking energy is going to be making its debut.

So that's the synthesis of ancient healing modalities and actually was on piles. Anytime we filmed a small, a small snippet of it, I want to say it's already two years ago now, but it was met with overwhelmingly positive reviews and anywhere we take it, people love it and pull out. A's is in the synthesis, so I'm excited. We're excited to always have, Jenny is always full of amazing energy movements. Just love you.


Love to join you :)
Will you be at the PMA Joan?
Yes I will be attending:)
I look forward to meeting you Joan! On the chance that we don't have your current email, please send it to contact@pilatesanytime.com and direct Gia to this forum exchange. Gia will send you an invitation and make sure you (and a friend) get put on the guest list. See you soon! :)

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