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Workshop #1278

Changing Our World

60 min - Workshop


Changing Our World from Within: Joe's Simple Formula to Health and Happiness

In this workshop, Dr. Brent Anderson lectures about how we can change our world with intelligent movement. Joseph Pilates' simple formula to good health required a balance between the mind, body, and spirit. When they are all aligned, we can be happy. Joseph Pilates believed that we can achieve this happiness through the practice of contrology.


- Learn how creating a positive movement experience can help you and your clients achieve happiness

- Learn how to become a self-actualizer so you can maximize your potential

- Learn about Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and how that fits into the Pilates world

This was filmed at the 2013 Polestar Life Conference in San Diego, California.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Jan 03, 2014
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All right. Energy in this room is dancing and it's reflecting and bouncing and jumping for joy off of each other's movements and thoughts. <v 1>It's creativity. It's love. <v ...


Wow! Inspiring and goosebumpy! Excited to be a part of the Polestar family and this new wave of forward thinking energetic people.
Thank you Melissa, glad you are part of the Polestar family as well. I hope goosebumpy is a great thing for you like it is for me :)
Yes goosebumps are a very good thing! :)
Very inspiring excited to start over my training this time with Polestar in Madrid.

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