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Pilates for Ghosts

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At Pilates Anytime, we support a big tent policy when it comes to the Pilates Method and its application so this Halloween we wanted to offer our services to people concerned about their... physical condition in the after life. Amy Havens introduces some of the aspects we will be addressing in our series "Pilates for Ghosts."

Happy Halloween from Pilates Anytime!
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment

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Oct 30, 2013
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Um, [inaudible] anytime we strive to showcase the many styles of PyLadies under one roof so that [inaudible] instructors and enthusiasts can experience different ideas and share the spirit of Caladrius. Today we are taking this to the next level by offering new classes and workshops for actual spirits. A lot of these for ghosts is a new series that is geared toward individuals who have lost mobility of their spine due to having no spine or muscles or a physical body class. I can feel amazing energy in here. In this series, we will cover various exercises on the reformer, the ladder, barrel mat, and Cadillac specifically modified for ghosts. Keep floating all the way out. Stabilize your what were shoulders at one point in your life, but that's all right. And bring your carriage back in. All right. Way to go. Spirit. Nice job.

Just because they've moved on to the afterlife doesn't mean they can't still enjoy the benefits of coladas. Pull this ball, this rabbit hole. I'm sorry.


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Aww, so cute!
Wonderful! Happy Halloween!
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Amy have a spooktakular day! and thanks so much for the fun!
Brete M
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Amy you are such a great sport and so funny! I thank my lucky stars you're in charge of PA TV, I could never keep a straight face! PS: I love the bloopers at the end of you and Perry/the spirit!
Great fun! Happy Halloween to all you Pilates ghouls!
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Wow! Those spirits have spooktacular form! Happy Halloween to all of you at Pilates Anytime! Thanks for the fun!
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"I do believe in spooks! I do ! I do! I do!"... especially if we get to keep on doing pilates in the hereafter.
love it Amy!!!! I wish I was there when you were filming! xx Happy Halloween! x
Hysterical. Boo!
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