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Workshop #1305

Moving Imagination

1 hr 20 min - Workshop
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Explore rhythmic balances in Pilates with Dawnna Wayburne in her workshop Moving Imagination. You will look at rhythm in an organic way that's also tied in with the Pilates principles. You can change the quality of movement by altering the rhythm and imagery and Dawnna offers fun ways to use the elements and their relevant rhythms in different exercises.


- Learn where your body ends and space begins by using tapping to connect you to your proprioception

- Explore rhythm at different levels

- Learn about our own internal rhythms and how those can be used to help your clients find the rhythm in an exercise

- Look at the rhythm in terms of the elements - flow of air and water, rhythm of fire

What You'll Need: Mat, Table Chair

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Mar 28, 2014
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