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Top 10 Pilates Gift Ideas

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The holidays are coming up which means it's time to start getting gifts for your loved ones. If you aren't sure what to get your Pilates teacher or an enthusiast, we have a few suggestions that might make your shopping a little easier. We have included links to these products below for your convenience.

Pilates Anytime Subscription and Workshop Gift Certificate
Carola Trier Poster
Joseph Pilates Photographs
Eve Gentry DVD
Pilates Masters DVD
Balanced Body Ultra-Fit Circle
Balanced Body Allegro Reformer
Studio Sox
Gift Certificates
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Nov 27, 2013
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It's that time of year again and if you're like me, I just don't know what to give people for the holidays. So in this video I'm going to talk about 10 ideas that would make the perfect gifts for the palladium enthusiast. If you know a PyLadies practitioner who is not yet a member a lot is anytime our gift certificates are the most popular during the holidays, we offer different levels of gift certificates that range from one month to a full year subscription. For the Plata student teacher, we are now offering workshop gift certificates, most of which have continuing education credits for PMA certification. These workshops are taught by the best Pilates instructors in the industry and are separate from our regular subscription. So if you know a Palladia student who is on their way to becoming a teacher or you know, a teacher who would like to increase the knowledge and skillset, these workshops are an excellent gift idea.

Corolla true year was the first student of Joseph Palladia to open her own studio in the 1950s Jillian Hassell, a student and teacher at [inaudible] studio, has reconditioned vintage photographs and designed them into a panel art poster, which you can purchase in a landscape or portrait dimensions and will make the ideal art piece for studio owners another great studio furnishing idea or the photos that truck Rapaport took of Joseph [inaudible]. There are over a dozen standard poster size photographs to choose from to instantly add a bit of history to any Pilati studio. In 2007 Michelle Larson produced a documentary on her mentor and teacher Eve Gentry. This documentary is only offered on DVD and would be a nice gift for people interested in exploring more of each Gentry's life. One last gift idea for the plot's enthusiasts who is interested in the history of colitis is an interview shot in 2005 have two master teachers, Kathy grant and Ron Fletcher.

This was the first time they'd ever been on this camera. Together. They talk about their life, work, their practices, and share their thoughts and memories of Joseph. And Clara Pobody's, a wonderfully light and versatile piece of Polonius equipment that would make a perfect gift for someone who works out at home. It's balanced bodies ultra fits circle. It's a very basic [inaudible] ring with padded handles and a soft rubber ice shell, but as many uses for different exercises. If you would like to give a gift with a slightly larger Christ tag for that Polonius practitioner who is either building your studio on a budget or someone who wants to take their workout from the studio to their home.

The Allegro one reformer from balanced body is one of the most popular reformers used around the world and is ideal for home use for people who like to wear socks during their bloodies workout and clever stocking stuffers to give them our studio socks. These socks are stylish and hygienic and are available in three different designs and many choices of color. Finally, if you just can't think of anything to give that place, friend or family member for the holidays, it gives certificate from their favorite store is always a winner. That's our list of the top 10 Palladio's gift ideas for the holidays. The prices of these items fluctuate, but we'll provide links to everything mentioned in the description below.


Thank you so much, Pilates Anytime. It has really been a gift to me to meet and learn from so many amazing teachers. I really feel as though PA embraces connecting the Pilates community through the spirit of sharing, enriching, and celebrating movement and history. Hope I can meet some of you in person one day. Thank you again for all that you give. Happy holidays!!
Lita... Please come visit. That wold be wonderful for us all.
Happy Holidays!
We'd love to meet you....hope you can find your way to The Studio!

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