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Movement Equals Happiness

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Brent Anderson asks the question "what makes Pilates successful in returning people to life?" He believes that a successful movement experience, without pain, can shift a person's perception so they start to believe that movement equals happiness, instead of them being afraid to move. We will feel better when we are not afraid of movement.

This was filmed at Balanced Body's Pilates On Tour in Los Angeles, California. You can find dates and locations of future events by going to the Pilates on Tour page.
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Feb 26, 2014
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How many of you have ever had an episode of back pain? Lift your hand. Okay. Because what happens is 90% of adults in the United States in the Western civilization now are expected to have at least one episode of low back pain in their life. Of those 90% 25% will have chronic low back pain for the rest of their life. And the average cost alone United States has gone up to $300 billion a year for lost money, costs and expenses associated with low back pain.

Now why do I bring that up? Because we actually have the most wonderful formulas, plots, teachers to be able to deal with this chronic, this epidemic of low back pain. So what is it about Palladio's method that makes it such a successful intervention in returning people to life? And that's what I like to share with you. I'd like to propose three factors that I think make plies method ideal for getting us back. Get it back in control. Number one, the greatest predictor of functional outcome for low back pain is our perception. They say as a man thinketh, so is he.

I've also heard it as a woman think if so is she. And I'm in a world surrounded by women and I've also learned that as a woman think if so is he Lackner and Bandera defined this idea of perception that the self efficacy truly depicts and determines whether somebody is going to get better. And it has over an 80% correlation with standard, uh, measurements of things like Oswestry and Roland Morris. The second point that I want to make is that successful movement experiences without pain have been shown to shift at the self efficacy scores and fear avoidance scores effectively. Now, this is why this is important. Basically a Lackner and Bandera said, diagnose, Adios.

If you get a low score in the South FC, you're not going to get better no matter what. If you get a high score, you're not going to, you're going to get better no matter what. So it sort of said all of us, you're out of the job. So we don't like that study. But the idea is that we now have found out that successful movement experiences without pain actually do shift those scores, which is very important, and so we're shifting the paradigm from one of movement equals pain, which a lot of people with back pain believe to the paradigm of movement equals happiness. The third point I want to make is that [inaudible] method provides a successful movement experience with, excuse me, without pain that actually exceeds the expectation of the individual.

This is crucial to understand that polarities is about the successful movement experience without pain and maybe not some of the other things that we have accredited. The perfect environment when taught as a whole body positive movement experience shifts the perception of the individual. There's current research in motor learning, pain modulation, and even the fashion system as an source. This supports the holistic nature of our profession. [inaudible] maybe just maybe the idea of piles being the perfect exercise system for core control, powerhouse training and pelvic floor activation is not where it's at and maybe it's the successful performance of movement without pain.

The defines where it is at [inaudible] by focusing on the qualitative and awareness aspects of the movement that we teach as plots teachers, we facilitate the following items. We align and facilitate, can grow and see of the body's articulating services. We reduce the insults to the body into the mind. We decrease fear of movement and efficiency of naturally stimulation of neuromuscular system like a child sounds familiar. We facilitate subconscious and submaximal organisation of the muscular fashional system. We increase efficiency of the movement like an animal. We perform our very daily tasks with spontaneous joy in pleasure.

Have you heard these words before? Preparation of our bodies in mind for self actualization, we facilitate happiness. Joe said the first requisite of happiness is a healthy body after more than 25 years of dissecting the plies method. Asking the wise, I am convinced that returning to life begins with simply having regular positive movement experiences of the whole body without pain. Uh, functional and ideal posture unique to the individual and trusting that the body, when it finds balance will heal itself. So the real talent in the plots teacher is about creating that positive movement experience and knowing how to do that with all different populations, successfully modifying the whole body experience to meet the needs of the individual and not necessarily the method. My supposition is that we shift our perception as [inaudible] teachers from treating low back pain with the intention to increase core strength, increased flexibility, activate the pelvic floor, and restore the powerhouse to one of creating the positive movement experience without pain that exceeds their expectation. Thank you very much.


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I am enamored with every word that comes out of his mouth! Please keep giving us more Brent Anderson. Thank you so much for sharing his knowledge the Pilates community.
Took me years to grasp this, but Brent states it plainly and succinctly in just a few minutes!
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Oh how I hope to meet you one day and soak up some of your knowledge!!!! Beautiful and truthful words! Thank you!
I'm happy to say there is much more of Brent's voice and talent on the way!
Brilliant and so true!
Every single video I watch from Brent just floors me! Wow!

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