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2013 Bloopers

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Amy Havens revisits some of the bloopers we have had this year while filming at Pilates Anytime. We have had many new instructors this year so we wanted to share some of the footage you haven't seen. We hope you enjoy it.
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Dec 18, 2013
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During the year. We have recorded thousands of hours of video and sometimes the unexpected does happen. Do the that. I didn't bring a bra with me, but that's okay. I don't have a mic on. Oh, it's in my boob with somebody made sure it does look like I had some sort of weird alien nipple here for the last hour. I mean, come on. Still trying to get a date out there, you know shit. All right, Perry.

I'm ready to teach. Okay, so I'm going to teach holidays. Woo. Cut. Oh, get it together. Bring the carriage in. Bring it in back on the balls of the feet. Oh, there's a dolphin. How cool. Rotate to the front. There's your inhale. Simple. Oh, there's dolphin. Look, there are a couple of right there. Okay. She has a minor distraction.

The idea for [inaudible] for buff bones originated. Sorry. [inaudible] for buff bones is a, let me try that again. A lot is for buff bones is a Sen no, dammit. Try and contact me. Hi, I'm Tracy mallets and I've got three beautiful women with me today who are going to work. Their booty are, you're going to need a ball about yay big. We love our balls. Oh, I can't. Can you see her tail is facing that way? She's a little high on this side, right? I'm just saying. God, you're not. You're not filming this, right? Oh, I'm sticking my finger in her butt. No.

Can you take your song off? This is for you writing a group in house. Is everybody drinking the Koolaid? I want you to notice what we have here for the workout. We have a weighted pole. Three pieces of fruit in case you get hungry and a bag of rice. No. What we're trying to maintain is the integrity of those deep neck flexors just to barely, barely hold this. I don't like this.

It's just too much fruit. She's attached. She forgot you were there. So we do tie the clients up to the trap table. Start pushing the trap table around the room. They take care of you at PyLadies anytime. No air, no food, no water. Just keep going leg by five, five more and front, front, back, back two. This is like this hand, the Barbara ballet.

That's not a compliment. Back, back to more front. Front. Let me have one more exercise to redeem yourself. Get together ladies. Hi, I'm Kathy and Monica has graciously agreed to be my victim of the day. Youth the legs. Use the hands. Pull it. One, one, one, one. Stretch. Open over five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, lower two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Push, push, push, push, push, push. Push. It's nasty. Arms or up. Pull it. Okay.

I've killed two people. Just for the record. This is podcast with Brian Anderson and who knows what we're going to talk about. Let's get going. Want to say? Yep. We're dancing. So I'm, this is Amy on location at Pollstar plotters and I have Brent Anderson with me and he's getting his top two favorite exercises on location, strength jacket. [inaudible] that was a complete and utter mess. Fuck yeah. Is it wine time? Yes. I love mine. I will open up [inaudible].


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Ugh you guys are so much fun! I am literally like: maybe I should move to Santa Barbara, that's my kind of people!
I wish you'd tour!
Thank you once again Pilates Anytime ..coffee and bloopers , a perfect way to begin my day. Next, a little pilates !!!
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There are not enough superlatives for me to describe PilatesAnytime ! Top instructors, new material everyday, great learning opportunities, something for everyone. The only thing better is if I could get to your studio!
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You guys are hilarious! Love you all!
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You guys are the best!!!
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Hi everyone.......aren't these bloopers hilarious? We have so much fun here at PA and these moments are timeless! Laughter is so healthy....glad you're all enjoying these as much as we are!
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Sharon and Emma... come over!! Sabine did it and we're gonna make her come back too! Oh and Zeena, what's your excuse? You live too close to not stop by! Deborah if you'll come with "Play forever" and Zeena, I'm pretty sure we'd have a celebration for it! Hope to see you all soon!
Looking forward to trying this when ive taken the Christmas tree down. Love the variations and although you make it look easy Amy, i'm sure my heart rate will fire up! Will let you know how I get on! Happy New Year from the UK all at P' A' ! x
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I want to teach at Padaro Beach - you guys know how to HAVE FUN!!!! too funny!!
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