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In this video, Gia and Maria give filming tips and go over the rules and guidelines for the 2014 Next Pilates Anytime Instructor Competition. You can find more information and the links mentioned in the video here. The deadline to enter the competition is June 1, so make sure you film your submission and fill out your application soon. Good Luck!

A huge thank you to Mette Hansen the co-owner of Studio Pilates, El Segundo, California for allowing us to use her studio to film part of this video.

The 2014 Next Pilates Anytime Instructor Competition submission period ended on June 1, 2014.
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Apr 28, 2014
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I am Julia and this is Maria from plotters. Anytime we coordinate all the applications and submission videos for the next please anytime instructor competition, we want to give you some general filming tips that will help you increase the quality of your submission. So our judges are focused on how you teach and not distracted by anything else. We recommend using a proper cam quarter and microphone to record your video, but we realize not everyone has access to that, so we'll show you how to do it on an iPhone. For this video, we wanted to go through the entire filming processes of geo.

We're entering the competition herself, so we've stepped away from our studio, which is filled with video lights and camera equipment and have come to a space with resources available to most [inaudible] studios. We want to thank betta Hanson and Katelyn cockpit studio Pilates in El Segundo, California for letting us film here today. A studio has three rooms. We could film it. We chosen the second room because there's more space to move around and it's full of natural light coming from the windows. We decided to film in front of this brick wall so the judges can focus on G is teaching and not things moving behind her.

When there's too much light behind you, the camera gets really dark because it's compensating for the brightness. So we've locked the back window with the mat. I went to avoid a shaking image that is typically caused from handholding the camera. So I'm putting a large clip similar to a hair clip to stabilize my phone on the spine corrector. I'm also trying to frame the shot to give enough room for both the entire reformer, Maria and myself to fit in.

It's important to lay the camera sideways so I record in landscape mode and not portrait mode. The most important part of your video is good audio, so we've made sure all the doors and windows are closed and the phone and radio are turned off. If the air conditioning unit were on, I would've turned that off too because that could make a lot of noise when I began teaching. I want to speak loud and clear so everyone can hear all of my instruction. Hi, IMG at Calhoun. I'm from loss. Here's how to structure your video. I began by saying my name, where I'm from and the name and level of my student, Maria is, applaud these instructor herself and it's to my benefit that I have someone who already knows the exercises. Since I cannot modify or vary each exercise, the rules require you to teach five or former exercises to one student. The five exercises are the long stretch, the down, stretch, the up, stretch the elephant and long back stretch. We will not accept variations or modifications because these are not exercises I would have my client do at the beginning of a workout.

I made sure Maria was warmed up before filming. The safety of the client is very important and it's part of the criteria that the judges will use to pick the finalists. Once JIA has taught all of the exercises, she finishes by repeating her name. Thank you for watching. Again, my name is JIA Calhoun from Los Angeles, California. The judges will use the following criteria to pick the finalists as they watch your submissions. One safety.

Have you chosen a client who's at an appropriate level? These exercises. Are you being mindful of your own posture while supporting your clients to knowledge? Do you demonstrate your understanding and application of the [inaudible] method? The re presence. Being a good teacher in front of a camera is a very different experience than a live setting. So how are you on video?

Are you confident in natural or stiff and boring for awareness? Teaching on camera is also a balancing act. You must teach the body in front of you, but still be aware of the audience watching and five communication. Are you clearly communicating both verbally and non verbally? You're accused to your client. After filming, you need to upload your video to YouTube. I feel my video in one take, so all I have to do is trim the beginning and end of the clip so you don't see me. Turn the camera on and off. I did this in quick time on my Mac, but I could have done it on my phone. If you want to use YouTube editing tools, we've included links to tutorials on how to use them into this scription section of this video. Your video must be between four to 10 minutes.

If your video is over 10 minutes edited down, because that will disqualify your video. We recommend practicing and timing yourself before you film to make sure your video will be within the required timeframe. Once your video is uploaded, copy of the link into the web browser and paste it into your application on floods anytime.com the deadline for all applications is June 1st, 2014 here's the recap of our filming tips. One, find a quiet and well at location to film to shoot a static wide shot. And three, make sure your audio is loud and clear. Make sure you follow the content guidelines by only teaching one student the following exercises, the long stretch the down, stretch the up, stretch the elephant and long back stretch. Thank you and good luck in the competition.


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