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Amy and Rachel on Romana

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Amy Taylor Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segel tell us how they found out about Pilates and what drew them to Romana Kryzanowska. They describe Romana's great energy and how she had eagle eyes in the studio. Amy and Rachel also reveal what they believe to be Romana's greatest contributions to the Pilates method.
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Sep 08, 2014
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I got dance magazine faithfully when I was, you know, when I was old enough to read. And at one point there was a series of polarities articles was called Corolla tree or shares. And so I knew a...


Thank you ladies. The love and admiration comes shining through and you are, assuredly following Romana's hope and dreams.
So grateful for this wonderful remembrance of Romana. So inspiring! Thanks Amy and Rachel.
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I cannot get enough of these legacy interviews. I listen to them while I am working. It's like my own Pilates Podcast story time. Love these two women so much! xx

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