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This tutorial offers a brief overview of the different types of Pilates teacher training education available, ranging from your basic Mat certification to advanced and specialty instructor training.

This video is intended to be a generalized overview only. We strongly suggest that each student conduct his or her own independent research to determine which training program type her or she is personally most suited to.

For more information, watch our accompanying video on Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Programs.
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Sep 11, 2014
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Chapter 1: Introduction

At PyLadies. Anytime. We often get questions regarding which teacher training courses we recommend, so in this series of videos we'll cover a brief overview of different types of plays, education available ranging from your basic mat certification to advance and specialty PyLadies instructor training. Before we begin, however, I just want to know that you should do your own independent research to find what program works best for you. These videos will show you what is out there, but only you will be able to figure out which direction to take. Okay, now let's get started.

Chapter 2: Mat Certification

The most basic type of plot is teacher training is a map [inaudible] certification. If you're interested in teaching, plotters only extend so far as teaching group map plays at your local gym or community club than a one or two weekend mat plot. This course may be right for you. Many mat plots. These courses are broken down into lectures over two weekends for two days each weekend.

The first segment generally covers the names set up and execution of the beginner and or intermediate mat exercises. And the second segment generally covers verbal and tactile queuing, teaching methodologies and modifications. Or add ons to the exercises. Some that courses have prerequisites that requires students to have taken anywhere from 10 to 25 prior map plot. These classes be a fitness instructor already or have taken a functional anatomy course. Others don't have any prerequisites. The cost of these mat teacher trainings is around 500 to $700 for each weekend.

If you are not quite sure whether or not you want to make a full commitment to applaud his career, starting with the mat only course can be a time saving and cost effective way to determine whether you understand and can commit to the plot's principles and are comfortable teaching them. Some training courses also offer a former only teacher training, which are generally three weekends or modules in length for two days each weekend and around 500 to $700 in cost per weekend. Often it is required that students take at least 25 to 30 platas classes prior to enrolling in the course. It's important to keep in mind that the vast majority of plotting studios require that their instructors are comprehensively certified on all types of plottings equipment. Not just the reformer. So further training would be necessary to obtain a job at a plotty studio if you

Chapter 3: Comprehensive Certification

wish to be applauded.

His instructor that teaches private sessions and classes on Pleiades apparatus such as the reformer chairs in Cadillac and are particularly interested in working at a plotting studio. Then a comprehensive plotty certification is for you most comprehensive. These programs require a minimum commitment of 450 hours of lecture, study, observation and self practice. As this type of program is the most commonly selected program of study by perspective plot these instructors. We applaud these anytime have put together a video entirely devoted to the considerations you should undertake when selecting such a program.

For more information, click on the link to comprehensive plotting teacher training programs in the description below.

Chapter 4: Bridge Certification

What if you are already comprehensively certified by a particular training organization? The find that you want to expand your Pleiades knowledge and teaching to another style [inaudible] or a different training organizations methods. Many training programs offer a transitional course, often referred to as a bridge program designed specifically for those who have already completed their 450 hour comprehensive certification through another training school. This type of course recognizes your prior plottings education and certifications and offers you the chance to be immersed in and even certified through another plotters training organization in style. This is great in a situation where, for example, you are an instructor that was traditionally or classically trained and wished to expand your teaching to encompass physiotherapy or rehabilitation based practices not covered in your prior training program.

Many bridge programs require that a candidate have Pele's teaching experience in addition to having completed a recognized 450 hour comprehensive certification program. Additionally, some bridge programs require that the instructor audition to be accepted into the program. Bridge programs structures vary widely with courses ranging in length from one week, five weekends to nine months long and costing anywhere from 3000 to $6,000 for tuition.

Chapter 5: Masters Teacher Training Courses

Many training organizations offered advanced or master's potties training courses for those who have completed their 450 hour comprehensive certification and are interested in further study. I like to think of these programs as opposed to graduate education. These masters or advanced specialty courses differ from bridge programs in that it is not a general transitional course into another organization or style of PyLadies, but rather a further study within your own training organization or advanced study on a particular subject.

This type of course is great for someone that sees a need in their community for a certain type of plays. Instructor such as the applies instructor for athletes or dancers or one specializing and rehabilitation. It's also great for someone who just wants to delve deeper into their plottings knowledge. These advanced or masters courses can focus on topics such as plots for specific population groups, anatomy, business skills or teaching practices and methodologies. Program length and costs can vary widely, ranging from eight months to three years of part time masters or advanced study and cost of around $5,000 for those who are already plotted instructors and are

Chapter 6: Specialty Workshops

unable to commit the time and money necessary for bridge, master's or advanced platas teacher training course, there are endless opportunities to take a weekend specialty workshop, generally one to two days in length and around $200 to $400 in costs a day.

These workshops can cover similar topics to the advanced training programs such as [inaudible] for Rehab injuries, specific population groups, anatomy, business skills, and best teaching practices and methodologies. Not only will you stay on top of developments in [inaudible] science, you can also earn required continuing education credits by attending these workshops. If you are PMA certified, you can find information on available workshops in your area on plots method alliance.org if you have any questions, suggestions, or feel that we have left, something important out of this discussion, please let us know by leaving us a comment below. Thank you for watching.


I love this is very clear and well done. I gat many calls about Pilates Anatomy, please include how and where they can take courses for that.
Patti ~ thank you for your feedback. We offer online anatomy courses on Pilates Anytime, and they can also be found through the Pilates Method Alliance's list of continuing education offerings.

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