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2014 Bloopers

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It's that time of year where we celebrate our amazing instructors on Pilates Anytime. What better way to celebrate than to share the moments that were left on the cutting room floor. Get ready to see them forget what they're doing, lose their props, and so much more! We hope you enjoy these fun moments as much as we did!
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Jan 01, 2015
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I'm Elizabeth Larkam. So happy to be back in this. Hello. And this could lead off your blooper reel for 2014 flexibility and strength combination in from there on, I'll make some decisions as into if hi everyone. What? Xcel in round down [inaudible] Oh, Oh, Oh. Up and down woman down. Holy shit. Did I like sweat up a storm? Like literally like licking the sweat off my lip. Look, I broke sweat. It doesn't happen often.

Where's the wine bottle? I need to take one break here if that's possible. One little cut. Cause I totally forgot what I'm doing next. Okay. Duh, duh duh duh duh duh. Okay, I'm sorry. There's two things that happen when you hold your breath. You can't move or you fart. We don't want to fart on film. Oh my goodness. That's the best seal I ever heard.

We need to get on this side of the room in cannon. Foolish. What? I said Saint good. Hell, I'm full of shit. You're full of Grenfell. We're both, everybody's really foolish. Oh, thank you. Good. Cause I was going to hail that first on that, Keith. She'll be fine. Cut. [inaudible] yeah.

Got it. No, I get that. Totally. If you go, you've got to hold in your crotch. No, just kidding. [inaudible] Missy crotch right away cause I'm doing pelvic curl facing him. He gone see why he going to see he's going to get it. Lean forward a little bit more. So you don't argue that with him.

Serious tender. [inaudible] you California. I was really um, my hip to the front of my hips were really tough. If only giving birth was that easy. So Jen is going to show us how Whoa. She's a little bit more and then Saturday crawling. Sorry. Take it small. Take it slow, but it can be really fun. Now you can rock your pelvis and you'll have an even set of rockers. Exactly. Ooh, that, that is a good look. Norris Hannigan.

Sally, you're good at this one. We know what. So does it spare time? These are the long, strong legs. This is how you tell the weakness of the spring. The penal test. Now you know which one is stronger. Okay. I was so disappointed to be left off the blooper loop last year. I decided to come in and make [inaudible] [inaudible] more awards. What's this? This one? It's another Palladio's method Alliance.

That is, that's a, that Bessie Palacci is body arts and science international. This is my bachelor of education degree. That is a commemorative medal that was given to me in the, from the Beijing Olympics. Did you get an Oscar? You know that it looks very much like an Oscar. It's a telly award. I'm proud of those awards.

Got that. This is not going on blue bars, by the way. It's not going to put that. Please don't you dare her out. [inaudible].


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That was so fun! Thank you! Was Rael's award okay? That part was scary. I really liked this a lot. It made me laugh and smile the whole time. All of the fancy professionals, as I have them on pedestals in my mind, are very real. :) :) :) I appreciate seeing that!!! :) :) :) :) You guys all seem so nice and it looks like you have so much fun! I love the positive energy that takes place in the PA Studio. Must be a very fun place to be. Happy New Year!!!!!
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Thank you! A sense of humor is an essential life skill. :)
Happy New Year to the great people at PA who make every day a little brighter. Looking forward to 2015!
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Ha Ha Good one ….comforting to see the Pilates Gurus/Professionals are as Nutty, witty and regular as the rest of us…who make BLOOPERS all the time in Class…but we shall keep those secrets close to our chests !!!
Shannon, I believe Rael's award is okay. I was honestly so mortified it took me about 5 minutes to recover... so, I don't really remember! Rael was of course, supremely generous in his response to "the incident" which was actually worse than it appears in the video. The award not only fell, it fell onto what I believe was his printer only to ricochet into the glass wall of his office. Did I mention I was being given a tour of the recently opened BASI Academy? This was a brand new facility until I came in and started tossing trophy's! I still can't watch the end of this video and remain grateful that Rael took it all in stride.
I KNOW I would feel the same way, Kristi. :( :( :( But what I can imagine about Rael is that he probably takes a lot of comfort out of making people feel good--so he was probably instantly more concerned about your feelings than the trophy. :) I would guess that he cares very little about things esp. when someone he loves is involved. It's not the thing he's proud of but what it represents and he'd again, care mostly about you. :) I'd be mortified but it's one of those things that if he's so amazing to not even mind then it's a gift to give yourself too and not mind anymore. :) :) :) I think you're both amazing. Someday I will be knocking on BASI's door for a tour and hopefully a Rael class. :) :) :) You are so cool Kristi. And I think of Rael as a truly remarkable, grateful, beautiful soul. I wouldn't worry about the incident (but easier said than done). :)
Great laughs as always. So great to see that no matter who you are, things can go crazy and you just go with it. Thanks for a great 2014!
:):) Thanks for including these at the end of the year!
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loved this! You all have a great sense of humor..
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I loved this thank you! You are such a huge influence in my life and this makes you even more real to me. My love to each of you!
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Thank you so much! My LOL will stay with me for a good long while after watching this one.
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