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You'll have a good ride with Mari Winsor as she teaches two series of Rolling exercises that she learned from her teacher, Romana Kryzanowksa. The first series is short and sweet, and can be done to release tension after a hard workout while the second series is longer and can be done alone. Either one will feel great on your spine!
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Feb 22, 2015
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Hi everyone. This is my friend Monica and I'm Marie and I'm going to do some rolling endings for you. Ramana always used to have us do that because when she would work with us she would work with us. We were working when we were done with a workout with a Romana. She's okay. Yeah, that's good at the floor and then she make us do more.

And Rolling of the spine is a really great way to release any tension that's been created during a workout. So I'm going to have Monica start by standing, crossing one leg over the other and sinking slowly to the mat. Good. Now we're going to start with rolling like a ball. Good. Hands over the ankles looking down. Now remember you cannot roll unless your back is curved.

You have to find that c curve in your back. If your back is straight, you will not have a pleasant ride, right Monica? Right? So we want to have a good ride. All right, here we go and roll back and come up. See how she stays in the same position and again, roll back and come up one more time. And we'll back and come up. Beautiful. Now stay there and stretch your legs out for open leg rockers.

See it just melts together and rollback again. Curve your spine and come up three times and curve and come up. Good. And again, press the whole front of your body against your spine for support. Cross your legs, lower the legs down, and reach your arms up and over and give yourself a nice stretch. Good. Now we have the boomerang hands by your side. Pull the tummy in.

Lean back, curl back. Take your legs over your head. Change. Good. Roll up to another teaser. Use Your hands if you have to. Sweep your arms around to the back. Lower down and reach the arms over. Let's do that again and back. You Go. Pull the tummy in.

Open. Close the legs. Good and roll up. That's nice. And sweep your arms to the back. Lower down and stretch. Let's do one more and back again. And Open. Close. Come up to rolling. Say there, sweep your arms around to the back and reach your arms up it over.

Beautiful. Now on the hook, your feet from being together on hook balls of the feet together. Thread your arms to the middle. We'll do a seal. One, two, three, rollback. One, two, three and up. One, two, three. Keep your back curve the whole time and up. One, two, three and back. One, two, three. And up. There's several. We're going to come to sandy and come up. There you go. Stand up. Beautiful. Come back to me sweetie. Five. So Monica, that was short and sweet. Yeah. Well you know, if you've had a long workout you don't want to do anything is too terrible in long, right? So, but now we're going to do a rolling series is a little bit longer.

They can be done by itself. All Right Don, you go. Sinks slowly to the south. Good. Lie Yourself out. We're going to do a roll up. Good. So articulating the spine and using the whole front of your body to do that is very important. Reach your arms up. Chindia or chest curling over two feet and stretch.

Inhale to roll down. Scoop under, exhale and come back again. Inhale, roll up. Exhale forward. And inhale to roll down and Xcel back. If you have trouble with this, take your hands on your legs and walk your hands up your legs. You want to show them that Monica? Good. That will help you do the exercise and you'll get stronger later as long as you work at tell one more time and inhale to roll up. Exhale forward.

Inhale to roll down and exhale back Vertebra by Vertebra. Good. Now take your arms down by your side. This is the roll over. Now I want to say before we continue that this is a little bit more advanced, a rolling series. So if you're a beginner or you have a weak back or a weak neck, I don't recommend you doing this at all. All right, bring your knees into your chest, Monica. Take your legs up. Good. Now use your hands. Use your powerhouse and squeeze your brothers and go over.

Flex your toes. Open your legs. Point if he keep your thighs, close your chest and roll down. Only go to a 90 degree angle. Legs together and over again. Flex your toes. Good Open. Point your feet and rule down. Keep the thighs close to the chest and we're going to do one more and we come right up into an open night rocker. See if you're can work this out. It's more or less like a teaser. Okay.

If we go and come up, that's perfect. Good girl. Now roll back and come up keeping your arms straight and come up. Beautiful and we'll back and come back up again. Roll back and come up. Say there, cross your legs. Gov. We'll do that boomerang again. Sweep your arms around to the back and round. Up and forward.

Stretch, good and back. Use Your hands to help you. Now if you find this a little challenging, all right, you don't have to try to balance without help and over good two more times and pull your tummy in. Take your legs back, open, close, roll up. Reach with your arms, sweep to the back, lower the legs in an over. [inaudible] I liked this exercise because it does everything you. One more time. We go through all the positions. I love this and there's a lot of coordination involved to sweep around and lower down and stretch. Good. Now I'm cross your legs.

Sit up tall, flex your feet, open up your legs, and we're going to do a spine stretch on that Spicer as far, but we're gonna do 'em and that poll. Yeah. Start with your hands behind your head and lean straight back and curl under and roll down. Good. Inhale to roll up. Exhale forward. Beautiful. Monica, do you know how hard that is? Give your elbows open. She does that well and pull in and roll down.

Good again and over. That's it. As sit up tall. Lengthen up the spine. Reach back like one piece of steel and roll down. Let's go one more time and over and sit up tall. Lean straight back.

Pull your tummy in a contract and roll down. Take your arm. Beautiful. Thank you Monica. Bring your knees into your chest. We'll do a little jackknife now. Laser straight up. We're going to take your legs over your head so they're parallel to the floor. Here we go. Then squeeze your butt cheese. Lift your legs to ceiling, up, up, up, up, and roll down. Good. Now when you roll down from that straight position, you must lower your legs a little bit. So you have control.

When you roll down here we go and over and squeeze. It's up, up, up and roll down. Good. And again, and over and up. Squeeze your butt shakes. Press your hips forward and we'll down. Good. Now lower your legs down and come to a seated position. Good. But your hips, your heels, and will roll like a ball.

Good. And keep your spine curve and roll back and come up with one and up. Good. And again, roll and up. Two more times. Role and up. Last one and role and yeah. Oh good. Put the bottles of your feet together and thread your hands through.

Lift up your feet. Oh, we have the seal and one, two, three. Roll back. Tommy in one, two, three. Good. You notice when she goes back, she strains her leg a little bit. So she has balanced when she takes her legs over her head. That's the secret. I'm not supposed to give out secrets, but you know, I can't help myself sometimes. One more time and back.

And let's come to standing Monica and stand up. Good. They come over here. Sweet thing. That was a rollie series. It's a little bit more challenging. I remember if you have a delicate neck or delicate back, this is not the exercise program for you, but the first one's probably okay, do you think? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Thank you.


Thank you Mari ! Somehow Chicago doesn't feel so cold this morning after this short but sweet rolling series ..
Erica V
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Thank you both!
I love to roll! Where else do you find such exercises? Nowhere.
Boomerang is my favorite too
Greetings from The Netherlands!
Barbi Smole
Wonderful series! Putting them all together is a great idea and can really help clients stay focused on the art of the c-curve!
Trisha Donnelly
Boomerang is my favourite exercise, love the flow.

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