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Correcting Imbalanced Bodies

30 min - Tutorial


Feel more coordinated, graceful, and grounded after this tutorial with Rachel Taylor Segel. She teaches exercises to help imbalanced bodies feel more prepared for class. These exercises are great for those with strong quads, weak hamstrings, hyperextension, or a habit of thrusting the calves backward.
What You'll Need: Cadillac, Foot Corrector, Knee Pad, Foam Roller

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Aug 09, 2015
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Hi, I'm Rachel Taylor Siegel from the [inaudible] center in Boulder, Colorado. I'm here with Amy haven at any anytime and we're going to do a tutorial together on those bodies that are...


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Thank you Rachel!! I could feel the changes in my body just watching this as your cueing is so fabulous! Can't wait to try this work on myself as well as with my students. Really enjoy learning from you!
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control,control, comtrologic
thank you Rachel and Pilatesanytime I allways learn from you.
I´m praying for Enghish subtitles.
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One of the things I love most about PA is seeing incredible teachers like Amy so open and willing to learn from other talented teachers. This class is full of such great ideas and movements.
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Rachel, Just love these tutorials. You are so articulate and giving and thoughtful in how you are trying to present your ideas which makes for a very positive experience. I love the close up shots so we see exactly what your eyes are seeing, which as a teacher is important. Keep bringing us more of these please. We are so fortunate to have you share. Amy your body changed in a short time.and So great that you got to have such a great experience. I have the exact same issues and it's so wonderful to free of our quads.
Thank you everyone! I'd love to do more tutorials and they've promised to invite me next year again??
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Thank you Rachel for your detailed explanations, cueing, up close camera shots, use of various equipment and props. More importantly, thanks for reminding teachers and students that some bodies are imbalanced, but there are ways to work with them.
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Very cool! And so helpful! More videos working on imbalances with Rachel!
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Such a helpful tutorial. I've been amazed at the effect that padding under the shins and the cue to focus there has had on clients who previously had very poor thoracic extension! And finally quieten down some very tight bottoms! Thank you Rachel
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Thank you Rachel for your thoughts, words, wisdom & sharing what you know to be true, it's obviously supportive to so many of our clients, these few prepretoiry exercises & interesting thoughts!
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Dear Rachel, watching this was almost as good as the real thing! I always benefit from this type of session. It was so nice to watch Amy's body change. Thank you for your wisdom and absolute clarity.
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