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Scapulo-Humeral Rhythm

10 min - Tutorial


Look at the movements of the shoulder girdle in this tutorial with Jonathan Oldham. He shows how to set your shoulder in neutral so that you can stabilize it while still allowing it to move naturally. He goes over the anatomy of the shoulder girdle and cues that help to avoid rigid patterns that would impede movement.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Aug 23, 2015
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Hello, this is Aaron and I'm Jonathan and I'm going to take this opportunity to speak about the shoulder girdle today, setting the shoulder girdle in neutral and looking at movements o...


Thank you for this simple straightforward tutorial. As an instructor I feel I spend too much energy depressing my own scapula and often end up with stressed shoulders and back. Great reminders!
Love this tutorial!! Very informative, hope to see more like this!! Wonderful reminders!!
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I like the teapot image!
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clear and practical - thanks so much - please can we see more of these !
Really enjoyed watching this. Thanks for sharing where you learn from too, interesting reading. Hope to see more of you on here :)
This was an amazing tutorial, so deep and professiona. Thank you!
Thank you Jonathan. Great to have the anatomical background to this positioning as well.
In Iyengar yoga parlance, learn to "Circularize the armpit chest."
I liked the idea of 'floating the boat' and also the teapot image. Nice tutorial - thanks!
Wonderful. Very, very helpful.
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