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Working on the Incline

55 min - Tutorial


Learn how to get more movement in your body while using the Incline with Alan Herdman. He shows how you can use the slope on both sides to stretch and elongate the spine and also to deepen the work in your abdominals. He starts with simple exercises and works up to more advanced inversions like Control Balance and Jack Knife.
What You'll Need: Mat, SmartBells®, Baby Arc

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Sep 20, 2015
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Hello, I'm Helen Herdman and this afternoon we're going to do some exercises on one of my favorite pieces of equipment. In my studios it's called, it's the slope, we call it the slope ...


Fantastic video. I love the details and the progression. Even though I haven't tried yet, just simply listening to you I got the feeling of elongation while the abs were working hard. Love your way of teaching
Great video. Love the work of Alan Herdman.

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