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There are a wide variety of options when teaching Pilates to children. In this video, Dawn-Marie Ickes gives a brief overview of what you can expect to see in her upcoming videos. These videos will give you tools that will help you work with children of any age.
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Sep 13, 2015
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My name is dawn Marie Ichs and I am looking forward to sharing with you a collection of classes in this playlist that are designed to give you ideas and guidelines for working with children. There will be a variety of different options, class themes, age groups that'll be targeted uses of props, different ways and modes of modifying PyLadies for youth and children based on what their specific goals are. And I look forward to you experiencing all of the benefits that Palladio can potentially bring to children of all ages and enjoying those here with PyLadies anytime. Some of what you'll be seeing with these upcoming classes on the playlist will be a wide variety of different approaches to teaching pilates to children. Some may use props, some may use sports equipment if you're working with sports teams.

And then you may see some new and innovative ways of working with special populations of children, either specific athletic groups or children with special needs. So what we're looking forward to you experiencing with us here at [inaudible], any anytime is really understanding the wide variety of options that [inaudible] can provide for children of all ages. And how it can be used as a tool, but also as a healthy habit created for the rest of their lives.


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