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Splits on the Reformer

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Learn the difference between the three different splits on the Reformer with Junghee Won. She breaks down the Side Splits, Front Splits, and Russian Splits, which all require strength, flexibility, balance, and control. She shows how to safely get on and off the equipment, and how you can increase the challenge as you get stronger.
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box)

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Sep 27, 2015
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Hello. My name is Chung. He Wa ah, thank you for watching my class. Uh, today I'm going to do, um, reformer a reformer. We did three splits at the end. Um, usually side is split, uh, front is split, and then Russian split. That's uh, the order. Uh, that's what we do and that's what I'm going to do it. So Amy, here again, my favorite person. So Amy is going to demonstrate for me. Um, so, so first one we want to do the side is split. So aside is pleased to hear, uh, we put the, uh, the foot part up and the pad, we needed the pad, non-slip pad, a small pad, I put it here and then this bar goes to over it.

Made sure you want to have a little bit room enough Lee. Um, because you're gonna put your foot here. If you, sometimes I see people go like this and you don't have enough room. So that's what's the point of putting the a pad, right? So make sure you have enough room to put your foot here. So that's why we put the pattern, the for the reason and made sure, and uh, this, uh, your food is here and then the other foot it goes. So this way depends on the height or depends on your, how you are flexible and you know, or he be of course you don't want to do it or knee issue, you don't want to do this. Um, you can adjust, depends on your strength.

Y'All variability, you can adjust to your distance. But the goal is it's about the split. So it is about the split, but also it's about the strengthening and control. Everything for this exercise for. So that's what we are doing this. So we're gonna send the on here, Amy, under carriage, you have to understand this is the frame, right? This is a frame.

Always the character side is the moving side. So what's a d? A stabler [inaudible] side is here. Um, frame. That's why you want to put your foot, always a force if, whether this is a very a safety issue. So you have to be careful with that. So because if people don't, you don't want to slip out. And then with that so you can control when you food.

This is out or she me. Okay. Amy's a flexible and she's just strong so she can go all the way out and I'm reaching to the side. That's how we set up and may sure you're a little bit lean forward a little bit slightly. So your body goes a little bit lean or your hip is, you know, straight [inaudible] and made sure the powerhouse from the bay you could pull in the Hebrew is the rapping back out and made sure arms is lis slightly forward. You don't go here, right? Because of that may say is a more Orchard Bat. So you go everything as opposed to in as you lengthen.

So that's why you want to do so everything goes in right and from the bat reach out and little bit leaned forward right there. May sure keep a tape on under and you go push out the carriage, hold a three counts to three now carries back in all the way and they're holding two, three and again, push you out. Hold two, three and come back in. So you are managing the carries you in and out and holding also. So out last one, two, three, come back in all the way and then grow tall. Hold it in three counts. Now. So here we are gonna do the little bit challenge. Amy's are okay.

So I'm gonna take out the ones spraying in much, much lighter. You use, we did a two sprays, now it's a one onestream so you want to press out in is a much harder two, three I'm it. And then pull up. So you're going to work on really willy inner thighs and press Ah, hold two three and pull up and grow tall to three. And now, now here you want to pick up the bunch of flowers down, keep your hips round the back. Call the Tamar under right roll up and then like a, you know, arms a here, give it away like a comrade and Luca urge, right? And Open your arms and then come back in. Courage in and again, do it again. Plow flower, keep carrying round. Gary, go and Rola here and orange.

We do whole needle carriage, arms to the side, and then she made this foot first to in keep your right leg strong and straight. Right. And then stand on the center right there, the arms down. So okay, very good. Your all right. So that's what we did also, supposedly uh, when you get stronger, you manage it with the ones spraying. So you build up the inner thigh, the strength and heaps, everything right? Turn around.

If you do the two springs with the two comfy, what's the point? Why are you hitting this? So, right. So when you do the this case, when you turn around at the other side, you don't move the pad to the back because unnecessary, right? So everything's a back, hips, ribs, stomach weight. It's a little bit lean forward, just like a position. And then press south horde two, three, combat in, hold it in two, three and again, owl hold two, three and in holding two, three one more time. Press out two, three [inaudible] back in two, three now lighter springs of rice out one, two, three in a tie in our thigh. Inner thigh. Now do it again. Out Out. One, two, three.

Pull up. Two, three, one more time out and hold. Now do those songs. So down his soul. So many. Sure. Right. He pulled back. Oh Huh. And come back up then out aside his soul right now, left to he pull back. That's it. And come back up. Carried you back in, you know, unify strength to stomach and again to the, so again, Aha for the Rit pack and center and other [inaudible] and sent on hold. Yeah. And they're right. Come back in. Right foot first. Yes. And then they're regal and stuff done.

Thank you. Okay, so that's why we did as, yes, I did split. So if you feel a little bit in a week, then you just practice with the two springs, then you get stronger. You can manage it with one spraying you with the one spring. So, okay. And then now we're going to do the front split. So we use it, two springs despair. We don't need it. Well we can use it right here. Okay, so you want Amy's gonna get on here. Hands on. Always at the stable side. You put the always first. So now this is hands, right?

And then so someone's second, Amy, we, the plot is a stencil right here. So you see the plot is a sense of one, two, three, four springs that we have. So the on the center line, you find that the heels right to the center. When you all the way comes up to the center is right here. You put your right foot.

I'm middle with a center line to the right. So ripe for is right there. Good. And then you can see me out without moving the carriage. We then moving the carriage. So you have to manage it. The carriage is always a character in hold is important.

Okay, come back in again Amy. Right. Okay. So right foot on. Watch it carefully. Why people are making or when you get into the pose because you have to see the body weight where it is a body weight, right? Leg bodyweight into the rifle. Bend the knee, bring the knee forward, way to go to the right toe. [inaudible] legs become to be lighter. You can manage easily.

So right leg is a strength. This goes out easily without bang. Okay. Depends on knee, ankle, hip flexibility. Some people can to get into the opposer into the petition because stiff. Okay. So the case we have to do little by little.

So when you bend here, knees over your tall, Eh, and then he tried to pull down towards you the DSC hill as much as you can. So you increase the fluxion. That is flexibility also. So, and then this, he was a little pull forward little by little Mae. Sure. Back Hill really pressed little toe pressed arches, middle of the artists, a little lifted up. The reason you have to use the outside family not to bearing weight into the knee because people collapse to the big toe sign. Knees collapse.

So made sure outside is a family does or you will elevate the this bar so you don't come press your knee, not, don't not get into that knee pressure too much. Right? So that's why you have to focus on, okay. And then now with those push, okay, so now you will push a little bit gentle and then come back here where we are stretching here. Right. It's in that back leg of the hamstring. So we are stretching right here and come back in. So a little bit push.

So little by little you want to stretch over and then you come in for the hip forward. So get the stretch over the PSOAS and the hips. Open the hips, right about three times as in upper. Sometimes I see your hip is going here and that that's not correct because you don't stretch anything here. So you gotta pull the hip further. You're going to open up the hip so that it's your front split is about, yes, you stretch your hamstring a little bit too, but you want to stretch it out back part. Okay, now live to the thigh and hip up little bit. You just see that from here to here.

So your thighs, a preparing you can from the mat and stomach and strong and reach arms a forward all the way up so it looks real [inaudible] up to destiny. Now from there, she is still 90 degree hands behind your neck. Made sure your hands are together now like this together, behind or between the base of those Coney neck. So reb seer square as a much as you can. I know it's very hard to do, but try to keep the square your box, which is a shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip, and then stretch it. This leg is a frontal, is a straight turn.

This is about the balance control obviously and Benjani can begin balance, control and then push out because Carrie is moving, she's moving with the carriage is so you need a balance control and again, so when you hear you stretching, square the hips, perfect ribs and a little bit and then come back and stay arms. Reach up to this and it all the way. Reach you fold as you're down. Good. Now here, back here, high up. Protect your knee and PB and knee down. Now find the heel against the shoulder, blah. So this is good.

Now opening the hip here again. You know you want to see here from knee, hip all the way to the shoulder. Think about the ones one line, not joint. A separate. You got to use together. So you've open up the everything. Okay? So use your fingertips. This is a, for the bathroom, you don't want to grip the bar because you make a short distance and then you don't have enough room to stretch. You have to use your fingertips.

So you push the hour here, you can still use your finger tip there and then come back up all the way up, right? And again, e-net and push here and then x, the all the way stretch all the way out is the inquiry that the spine pull the top of that up to this. And so you want to, everything's open up one more time. Inhale and exhale all the way up. All the way. Okay, so keyboards your bananas. So keep lifting up palms of this way. Slowly key Ritchie with the body all the way to the fingertips.

So, and keep going as much as you can. Keep lived. Do you view a few collapse that you want to lose your as a key ratio now from here, right handed down outside of the thigh because it tended to go this way always. So that's why we put the hands on not to be going out. That's what how you do. And then this, um, after this lily inhale, don't push the hips.

Keep lift up, side the stretch. So when you do the side stretch, then you're gonna feel the hip deep stretch, okay. Up and all the way down. Okay? So this is a foot on the man and the stand on both of feet. See Clean. Nice. And then the other foot. So laughter food.

Let me change this right here. Come in, you can [inaudible] away. If for the other events people, we started moving foot here. So we advise the people you can manage very well. You don't have to Shimmy out, you just jump right away. So try right away into the pose and do it again. You did it two times in one position. One time day.

Okay, so bring the hip forward. Um, now we will push. So Push, ah, this is the first one is around right XL inner against or when you push out here, you made sure you want to lift your stomach off of, from your thigh. I mean you can touch, but you don't want to put the weights on your thigh. So we have to live Japan house right and come begging. Uh, one more time. Just the three is enough. He goes, we do three, three, three. So total we do the six. So you don't have to do a lot of reps arms. The ritual, hold your as a key of Java powerhouse. Reach, reach up to the ceiling and hands behind your net. It was wide outside.

Go Libsyn and go out frontal leg, straighten good. And come back in. And again, push away. Good. And come back in. And one more time. Push away and come all the way back in. Good arms. Reach up all the way and down.

Hands on back. Heel up, high, knee in and knee down carefully and the heels against the shoulder, blah. And that, this is arch because you opening the hips. This was here, but then now here, so we've got to look up. So really stretch. Okay, so inhale XL stretches all the way and all the way. And again, inhale and exhale.

One more inhale. So little by little, you increase the dio flexibility a little by little more. And then keep lift your pasta. We don't even the arches all the way up. Palms a backward and then go stretch. Look at that. [inaudible] right, exactly. On the side. This is the, how much does she can go far [inaudible] and up and all the way down.

So front foot down and stand on with the both of feet. Okay. Right. And this step down on the floor. So that's why we do a side the front. And then let's do the, we have one more for the Russian split. So this goes here. Um, no, actually it's not really necessary because Amy is a better fit. We don't have to really use it. Okay.

So we still have a two springs. Uh, Amy's gonna put the hands on here. We're going to stand on here. So she's just going to stand the on the carriage face there. And then right food against the, this the bar again, this is a step up. Stay beside it. So she puts her foot here is both safety shoe and then she's going to have to hop here. So a little bit, uh yeah, a little [inaudible] on the corner right there. Um, and then bend the knee. So yeah, so she can get into the pose and make sure. Depends on your, how you comfortable.

You can be parallel or a little [inaudible]. That's fine. As long as your knees over your toe. We don't align. We'll be fine if you are parallel. Your second two underneath rate. If you told us a little bit out your knees a little bit as you know, so you don't want to talk your knee, you don't want to twist your knee. Okay. So here and then here obviously and pull your up diamond in and out. You can go little bit further out. Yeah.

And then Ben Juney made sure heel is under your knee line. We'll be fine and press out. But depends on people. Yeah, they can go all the way there they are. Okay. And press out and come back in. So it's you, she did it three times, right? And then you want to be a controlled balance again. So arms reach up, keep your, hold that position and the hands behind Jeanette. Okay. Here.

And then make sure this legs is from knee strong and press front leg. Push out the carriage with the front leg and then bent against Rayton and strong. Yeah. And one more time there. And Bend Uni. So finish it with the band. Arms up to the ceiling again. I'm straight down. Hold to the top of the shoulder. Blow now heel to the corner of the headpiece.

So they move the hip. He was up higher. Heel up, higher to the corner. Right here. Right here. So he'll up. There we go. Okay. Okay. So we can rotate a little bit straight. And then now you want to go stretch? Yeah. Yeah. Abel down. Luke, when you're here, look to the left side. So ear to the knee may show you form new straw.

Strong still lived your powerhouse. That's the reason your elbow down. Okay, now come back up. Sorry. Now come back off. No, head down. Right. Look to the low blue to the left now. So you square the hips and against retro one more time, except as a stretch. Right? Little by little and all the way back up carefully.

Now look straight. So move. We are decent foot backward and right foot down. Okay. So just one second. So yeah, you're right. Yes. So may sure on, so when you do this leg stretch elbow all the way stretch at the end, everybody has to be down. If he elbows out, uh, you just collapse. So that's the reason we put the elbows inside to lifting your powerhouse. And because you don't want to be just a collapse. Okay. Um, so all the way still lifting pals or even you're stretching.

So you want to lift the powerhouses and that, just so you know, like the dancers, so they just collapse in open lays and they're splitting like, you know, staying there forever. It's not like that. So, you know, just faint and yeah. And then we do other side, so back foot, good. You're half a foot up there and then bend the knee girl. So she's, um, Amy's a very strong and so push away. So you, this is what you are stretching right here, right?

So to, so Russia's fully more about the uh, front to here. Front display was about the front, right? And now here, so hold it. The balance right there. That's it. The Russian dancers way. That's why it's called the Russian split because it's like this, so and out and in and out and in and out and in. Hold it. Now hands are just naturally down. Yeah. Move your foot up higher there.

You can rotate out and then split. Look to the right. Right. So able keep the elbow down. [inaudible] okay, here we go. And you're right. And in Elegiac cell stretch. So because of ending over, obviously if you stretch it more than okay. Oh, Amy's [inaudible].

So she calls. All right. All right. Okay. It's all right. So right foot back carefully. And then we'll have the foot down and then step off. So Amy, you felt more here stretch, right? So it's, it makes sense inside his spleen. While it's not really decided to split, you can do the side split tool, but you know, size and their front is variable. Where you felt, obviously here and then Russia is probably more about hamstring, right? So that's the how you all, everywhere you get the stretch right properly.

So you understand why his place or because of your strategy. That's why this place, so you're supposed to feel the split stretch. So, um, that's, uh, also the, I just wanna make sure how you get onto the post, get off the, off the up from the, uh, reformer because it probably save tissue because it's, sometimes the people lose the balance, they fall off. You don't want to fall off. Uh, those kinds of things. So, so, uh, just I wanted to show him. All right. Thank you.


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Junghee you're a excellent teacher. This is a must watch video to perform a correct and safe splits , you're cueing is outstanding. Thank you very much
Thank you for all the details. I really enjoyed watching this tutorial.
i could listen to her all day! So precise and informative in her tutorial
It looks stretching so much! Thank you, Junghee :) wish you meet again in Seoul!
Lovely tutorial, so many great cues! I'll be watching this a few more times!
Awesome tutorial on stretching for the splits!! I'll definitely be using this as a constant reference. Junghee is a great teacher!

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