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Top 10 Pilates Gifts

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It's holiday season which means it's time to start getting gifts for your loved ones! If you aren't sure what to get the Pilates enthusiast in your life, we have a few suggestions that might make your shopping a little easier. We have included links to these products below for your convenience.

Pilates Anytime Gift Certificate
Private Pilates Lessons
The Red Thread of Pilates
Horatio Moves
Fletcher Towel
Pilates Nerd Clothing
Pilates Poster
Allegro® CC Reformer
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Nov 27, 2015
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The holidays have arrived. It's my second most favorite time of the year. Can you guess what my favorite time is? It's a dead giveaway. The staff at Palladia is anytime I've come up with a list of our top 10 gift ideas for these teachers, students and practitioners, these are going to be in no specific order and the links to purchase. These items will be listed in the description section of this video. Our first choice of course is applaud. He's anytime gift certificate.

You can choose from a one month to a one year subscription or select any of our many premium content workshops, getting one of these certificates as a clean green and healthy gift choice for Palladia student or teachers if you want to give the gift of [inaudible], but in an actual studio with a real instructor, we have a Pilati studios finder feature on our site that allows you to locate local Pilati studios in your area so you can purchase a gift certificate from a physical studio. Now this feature does not endorse or rate any of the studios that have fine, so you'll need to do your own due diligence. Once you see all the plotting studios that you find in the search results. This is the red thread, the integrated system and variations of [inaudible] by one of our hardcore instructors, Kathy Ross Nash. The red thread is geared for the student of holidays who wants to master the mat, work with the detailed and jam pack manual that can be used as a reference guide for a lifetime.

This is not a coffee table book is Cathy's years of experience and knowledge captured it and beautifully assembled the text. Another book, if the idea is centered, organizing the body through kinesiology, movement theory and qualities, techniques, my Madam and black. It's not just meant for PyLadies teachers, but for any movement professional. Now, what's specifically unique about this book or the QR codes that are on different pages, Madeline had partnered with us while she was writing this book to create video tutorials and examples of our techniques that would link directly from the pages to your tablet or smartphone so you can get a better visualization of what she is teaching. This companion workshop is an additional purchase but contains several lessons that aren't in the book. Oh, and did I mention I was her featured student in the videos, so grateful. Our final book, gift idea is her ratio moves by Jen as a Pino.

It's a colorful and sweet children's book. However, apply these enthusiasts at any age will definitely enjoy it. The story is about her ratio, a gray puck who finds his true purpose in life through exploring movement in a [inaudible] studio. Jenna and Horatio recently came to our studio for a live reading of the book, so make sure to watch out for that on our site. Next on the list are smart belts. These are fairly new weighted plots, props by balanced body that are sculpted and ergonomically designed for multiple uses. You would want to purchase two of them to get the full range of potential of exercises.

We have a class on our site by Valentine and is a great introduction to using smart bells and Allen Herdman has used them as well. The Fletcher towel is a prop specifically made for the Fletcher towel work and percussive breath techniques developed by the late Ron Fletcher. We offer many classes from different instructors that use a Fletcher towel. So if you don't quite know what you can do with the product, check out the Fletcher videos on our site. Are you or someone you know a pallet's nerd? Well, there's actually a clothing brand just for you on [inaudible] dot com you can purchase t-shirts, hats, bags, and other clothing of fun floodings texts, equipment designs, and other plights related images printed on them.

If you know a studio owner or someone who wants a little bit of Polonius history in their home, get them a Joseph plots poster. Some of the posters were made from archival photos from Chuck Rappaport, a photographer whom Chrissy had interviewed on our site. So if you were also interested in the history of these photos, check out the interview with Chuck Rappaport. Last on our list is also the biggest or the serious [inaudible] practitioner. A reformer is almost like getting a new car.

Balanced body has a special deal through Costco that offers, they're most widely used and recognized reformer in the world. The Allegro CC in a package deal with the sitting box, a workout DVD, and a six month subscription to plays any times. This is the reformer for people who don't have a lot of space in their studio or home and want something affordable in light, but also long lasting and reliable. To purchase the steel, you have to go to costco.com so those are our top gift ideas for this holiday season. Links again to these items are listed in the description below, and if you saw something you really like, there's nothing wrong with getting a gift for yourself. Also, happy holidays.


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Great ideas!! Ill send this list to my husband. :)
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Can we please get clothing made with sayings from Rael Isacowitz?? :) :) Like, "Are you feeling Joyful"? I ask my kids that! :) Lately I just haven't been making time for any exercise and I miss it!!! :( I get this site up, get my mat out, then get sidetracked--maybe if I got the cute Quote Clothes on that would help! "Don't be shy to go high" :) Another Rael Quote. Or Tracey Mallet--"There's a Go Girl!" :) :) :) Or Lisa Hubbard--"Just have fun with it!" ....With Pilates Anytime on the front?? :) I would TOTALLY buy those. You guys could also do some sort of package deal--like a Quote Shirt with a Horatio Moves Book or something. :) :) :) :) THIS SITE is my only and best x-mas gift. :)
Shan that is a great idea!!!! I can think of so many Rael quotes that should be t-shirts! We'll pass it on to him and the BASI team! Thank you always for such support of our website! Happy Holidays!!
Super great suggestions, I want them all!!
I am interested in learning more about the Smartbells. Will there be any videos that go in depth about these props?
Jamie ~ We have two videos already with the SmartBells® here. We hope to have more in the future.

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