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2015 Bloopers

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As the year 2015 comes to an end, we wanted to express our deepest gratitude to all of our Pilates Anytime instructors. We know the year would not be complete without our annual bloopers, so get ready to laugh and have fun! We hope you enjoy these hilarious and candid moments!
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Dec 31, 2015
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Shoot 40 10 [inaudible] I have a dirty line. Great. All on camera. Hello. Okay, Solo. Well, don't let the sun go down on me. I got my tight pants on. Everybody's talking about my tight pants, my type pants.

So nasty. Just the way it feels. Mm. I find these to be super functional and uh, always part of what I am using. I thought about making reference to the color of these balls and this, um, we're using weighted Zack and we are working with these weighted balls this afternoon. If you don't have way to be both, I'm going to give you a break. We've got another little series.

Here's a little jelly bean. I just draw. I'm just pull away so you curve. Whoa. Gently walk one hand forward and the other finding the shoulder rests and Lee road. Hey, go away. Ball and down and say that and now add fat flex and bend your knees and come back and give the legs a hug. Just wanted to check with you. Who's cell phone is this? Take Five, marker. [inaudible].

We're now showing some recommendations for picking up a pet from the national osteoporosis foundation. Would you like to see her ratio make a big shape? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Hey, her ratio. Oh Buddy. Come here. Come here. So now we're going to get a reformer box. Would you like to see her ratio make a big shape? Yes. Ratio. Make a mixtape, make a big shape so that we can see if you have, let's see if we can get her ratio to do a stretch with us. So let's come down on her knees. Hi Ray. Can you stretch?

Can you stretch? What's my motivation? Um, your entire life that's been given to you on a platter. Never worked with kids and dogs is by what they say. You can use hand weights. We have weighted balls today and they're filled with sand.

They're actually nice and soft and noise. I can't believe this. They are weighted balls. You're going to wonder what we're holding cause they're, I have to say, I have to say it. Okay. All right. Sorry guys. Alright. Yeah, these are two pimple. She'll play on balls that long. God. Oh my goodness. And just put them back where they were.

[inaudible] and then, and then I'll have her slide down to rock forward and back. These were not photo moments. [inaudible] I am so dripping. Do you know the sun has been hitting on this old brought here. You know I'm making perfectly good sense and I'm completely deranged because this is not the exercise we're going to do. Now that, that, that, can I start that over to build up individual [inaudible] lift the elbows up to the arms. Lift the elbows. I'm going to start that again when it put all right against your head. No, the hands again.

Your aim. Amy. Aaron. Yeah. No, I'm going to do that again. A horrible push into the hand and you can lift the chest. I got to start over again. That's been fun. Okay. I guess I got a dirty mind today. So high. Right, but you're not going to just sit and sit down. Oh, sorry. It's a beautiful day here at the beach. I'm not going to start like that.

As you breathe out, you're going to posterity this tip teeth. Hi, Sassy. Stuart. Here. I hope that you see a lot of the exercises on the reformer were, oh, who the hell cares? Eh, Hey Ron, we need to zoom in on that slipper. Come on at baby, and we're over it now we're done. Okay. It's often for to move around like you're dancing on a stage, the spines moving around.

I want to say what kind of stage you might be on if you're dancing, like [inaudible] head resting in the hand and inhale to come center. I'm sorry. I think I see a huge shark. It's a whale. She'll do anything to get out of working now.


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What is so great about Pilates Anytime??? IT'S EVERYTHING!!!! Happy New Year to all the wonderful team and Instructors and a big thank you for your amazing work and your willingness to share !!!!
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Great year with Pilates Anytime from Roberts Creek BC. Thank you all and Happy New Year!
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Love this! So fun! Thanks for sharing and thanks for a wonderful year. Looking forward to an even better 2016! Have a Happy and Healthy new Year!
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Happy New Year to you all at Pilates Anytime! It was such an honor to be included in your 2015 season! Thank you all so much and I'm really looking forward to 2016!
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Absolutely love that you put this together! So funny and what a fun way to look back at a great year for Pilates Anytime!!
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Bonne et heureuse Année à vous, merci pour votre travail
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Thank you so much. I love 2015 with you guys ! Happy new year
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Thank you thank you for the amazing classes and instructors this past year. I love Pilates Anytime and your classes. Great work! Happy healthy 2016!!!
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I so needed a smile at this moment! Thank you P.A.!!!ox
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I will never ever be able to talk about 2lb balls again Amy!!! great fun - thanks PA for everything - a huge part of my everyday life !! and all the best for 2016 !
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