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Polestar Studio Franchises

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In this discussion with Brent Anderson, he tells us about the launch of his Pilates studio franchise program, Polestar Studio. Polestar is now offering the chance to own a franchise to operate a Pilates Studio using the Polestar brand and business processes. The application form for a Polestar Studio can be found here.

For general information about buying a franchise please read the FTC Guide to Buying a Franchise.
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Feb 19, 2016
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Today, I'm here with Brent Anderson, the president of Pollstar International. And what we're going to talk about is Brent's new business opportunity, which is to take a Pollstar franchise for your stu...


Thanks Brent, Definitely interested in following progress in Australia.
Thank you, this sounds like something I'd be really interested in. I'm based in SW London and currently looking to open my own studio. I tried to 'fill out the questionnaire' on the link but it says page not found?

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