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Standing Roll Down

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Learn where you should initiate your movements in the Standing Roll Down with Diane Severino. She demonstrates how you can start the exercise internally by moving the pelvis and allowing the rest of the body to follow. She also shows how this concept is by finding the connections to this movement in many other exercises in the Pilates repertoire.
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May 08, 2016
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Hi, I'm Diane Seberino and uh, we're gonna work the usual pelvic we lease and roll up on an exercise that's fairly new to the politesse syllabus, but I've been doing it recently and I think I like it. Just to recap the pelvis, I'm going to put my arms here. The pelvis is going to start the movement and the pelvis is going to finish it. All right? There's a contraction that's just my pelvis contraction. Am I taking my up a body and let me walk around to the side of the machine.

I'm going to show you this exercise, which is really new for me, but I like it a lot. I'm standing with my feet in parallel toe joints and ankle bones together. If you keep this elegance and give yourself a little lift to nod the chin to the chest, now I take it through my upper body. It's always in progression. You'll find this theme going, Oh, all the way through. All of the plot is work and I placed my hands, the heel of my hand on the machine. Now there's a tendency to just, Oh, you have one blue spring on. I'm in a contraction around that.

Then I'm around round. Now in order to get this machine to move away from me, I'm going to start at my tail bond. See, that tail month is the tailbone, right? Alright, if I do that simultaneously as they start pushing machinery, but look, I haven't gotten my waistline. There's the waistline now haven't got to my upper back. Don't rush it. There's the upper back and now I extend the machine carriage out. Now to bring it in. No arm, no arms. It's the pelvis that's gonna draw. Tuck that pubic bone towards your head.

Now I'm coming to my waistline. Now I'm coming to my shoulder blades and now my head. [inaudible] neck, neck and head, neck and head. Now watch it again. Pelvis, waistline. Show [inaudible] neck and head. Now to draw it and yeah, pubic bone to your face. Oh, see doesn't that look more elegant now pull up in your calves. Yeah. Don't let your knees buckle. Um, use the breath and see. Oh, that feels so good ad don't drop it down too much.

See how even lost my voice quality. That's cutting off my ear. You got to keep a straight line from the crown of your head to your tailbone. Now I'm going to start my contraction. I'm pulling up the tailbone waistline. There's that elegant lift, elegant lift, elegant lift, elegant lift.

We're gonna keep it here and we're just going to flatten the back out without moving the machine. See that nice long. I'm a table. I'm a table. You can balance the tea cup on my waistline. Now here's again, here's just the waste. Don't rush it. That's the pelvis, the waist, the shoulder. Place hollow that chest to the bed. Wait, and now the tailbone, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah. Do I have to say this a million times? Get it. Now let's just take a little Ben to the nay and straight Ben. Little accent there.

Pull out top of the head and the tailbone like an outro. And Ben, this was your hamstrings and one more and hold. Now I'm gonna change my fingers away. Here's the torso change and this is a release back, right? I'm going to take the weight out of my hand, the one toward you, and I'm going to stretch up. Ah, I hope I crap my bat. It did. And now I'm taking my tour.

So see my extremities, my limb, my arms would extremities, my arm. That's changing the direction. Look how I can get my hands right up. Now my torso is facing the machine. What comes from first, the chicken or the ape? My torso is changing the direction. Don't sway off of your feet and the torsos changing my direction.

One more. O F feels good to torso, torso, torso, and Dan and and uh, yeah. When I bring my hands here, I'm going to bend my knees deep in it. Deep in it. Deep in it. Oh, stretch contract. Deep in it. Look at my elbows are out to the side. T [inaudible] hips go out to pull up that stomach.

Don't sway back. Hey Ben g, then head stretch out. Out. Out. Bring your hands either side of your body. Now here's a little sway. Sway. Feel those hamstrings. Pull up your abs. Sweat. Ooh, look way out. Oh, was that machine pulling out, out, out, out, out? Feel your ham shades. There's so many of those back there. There's that. Just one. Now you're going to press your pelvis forward. Look, that changes the direction. My choice. Did you see how the pelvis, Leeds, the rest of the body will follow hello vis and the pelvis and the pelvis and the pelvis and to [inaudible] they get that. It's sort of the same golden thread that goes through all of it.

We have an exercise on the fourth pelvic press, pelvic tilt that starts in the pelvis. You can't rush it. You never coming up a whole string pearls at once. You've got to place them down and the more you get this in your mind's eye, that's your support for your lower back. All you Ouchie backy people there. You don't just throw away from the outside. You have some stored internally, and remember every time we round that back, it's not the fee that's a schlumpy back. It's Ah, ice cream scoop school. It lifts.

You're not even changing the height ahead when you round your back. If you wish slumped down, your height would change. Hey, who wants to look like that? You School, right? Look, I could take it over this way, right? Look, here's my bags, my FedEx, we leasing out. See, it's, it's organic. Here's me, O l I get to go, oh, here's my tailbone release, tailbone waistline, shoulder blades, neck, and had to lift to grow to v. Perfect. That was very nice. Girls in boys. I remember that pelvis starts it.

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Thanks, Diane! Always fun to watch you and never cease to gain a different perspective on a regularly practiced exercise. Love your ice cream scoop cue to cure a schlumpy back!
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I teach this exercise a lot , but as always, Diane adds panache and elegance! And what a beautiful lady!
Beautiful!! Thank you so much.
Thank you beautiful.
Always great!! Thank you!
Thank you for inspiring me to 'clean this one up' for my students.
Diane Severino
Thank you my colleges, for getting down and rolling with me! Diane
What a master...thank you so much! So perfect!
I simply loved this - Thank you so much.
Christie K
Diane you are such an inspiration, I love every bit of your videos. Thank you for sharing with the Pilates Anytime community. You are the definition of elegance and grace.
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