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Pulling Up Your Knees

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Find a more stable and secure position for your knees in this tutorial with Diane Severino. She demonstrates how to pull up your knees so you can fully straighten them without locking them. She starts by introducing the muscle that works in pulling up your knee cap, then goes into a few movements so you can see this concept in motion.
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Apr 17, 2016
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Hi, I'm Diane Civil Reno and I'm going to work on unique caps. Yeah, unique cabs. I've been sort of seeing, not a fully lifted knee. Oh, lifted. Oh, lifted here. But I can do it on my knee. I'm going to show you all right, cause you gotta get introduced to the muscle we've been talking about. It's the muscle above the they ready kids? Ooh. Alright.

Here's my knee with a slight curve in the knee. Look how sloppy that knee cap is. That's not stabilized. It also is not working. There's a little muscle right above, below the thigh muscle. Here's what we want to straighten it. So take it hands and place them right above with a bony porter. Your knee is now, there's a muscle right there. Believe it or not, it is.

Now Watch, I'm not pulling my knee back. That's hyperextended. I'm pulling it up. C Not back. I'm pulling it up. Getting the wrinkles out. Oh, that's a pulley lifted kneecap that's lifted. That is a straight knee. Again, that's slightly bent. Look, if someone just came and knocked you that way, he'd break a kneecap.

You pull up and that pulls the quad and everything up, up, up, up, up, not back up. You're on your legs. Now you're ready to move. I'll give you another one then. I know we're going to take it down to the floor. Now you know where that muscle is. Now you felt it. I'm going to sit down. Oh, yours are gonna get down on your stomach and you just relax your hands here.

I'm going to talk to you as we're doing it. Here's that kneecap that was slightly bent when we stood. Now we're gonna use that same polling up action. Brace your toes into the floor. Yeah, like that. Alright, you can pull in your stomach. It's free, and now you're going to lift both kneecaps up, up, up. You can hyper extend here. Pull if see that pulling up now relax, relax. Ne. Just like I said, you can't work with the relaxing.

It has to be activated there. It's pulled up. It's secure and relax. Let's do a few of those systems up. Relax the knee. Lift and damn. See the actions. Pulling the knee muscle above the knee, up towards your quads and hip and really see, you feel that already, right?

Well you need this. Yeah, pull it. That's it. Lower it. Pull up. You not hyper extended and pull up. Get the wrinkle that your tights and we last. Good job. Now we're going to go onto the machine. I'm going illustrate one more in the pulling up with a straight leg position.

Okay, now we uh, no niche stretch salaries and you all know the standing single leg. We could put this bar up sort of in the high position and this is just one blue. Alright. We've acquainted ourselves with the muscle above the knee. Same thing here. This is a little too high, okay. Standing about a little bit in front of the shoulders. You really want to again, brace your toes down. I don't have really good feet, but yeah, I'm trying to get that curve in my toe. The Shin is just hovering.

The knee is over the second toe. My supporting leg is straight hip over the ankle. I'm in a country. Traction. Hands are close together. Don't put too much with the hands. Here we go. We're working on that same muscle push. Push was supposed stomach up. Now here's this one. You think we straight men, we just worked on that muscle.

They're straight. I use your abs and pull that like back in y. And remember you don't want to track interact knee over the second toe and we're pushing, we're pushing and pushing and pushing. That's not straight. Ah, that straight without being hyper extended draw from the stomach. And that's it. And now we used to give this one a lot. I know everything. I just showed you two, uh, the uh, knee rehab people because that's a scary muscle to try to get back when you're recovering from an injury or surgery. All right?

This can also be done with your flat back. I think the round is more challenging for me. Pull up. Ooh, yeah, feels good, right? This, that stretch device. And of course you would do both sides, but time being, so pulling up, feeling yourself up, getting down on the floor and doing the same feeling you have on the single leg pole. And that's had a pull up to pull up out of your knees to pull up your knees, not back, not happy extended, but to pull up. You've been great.


Love tutorials with Diane !! I rest my arms on my " "couch" every day and now I will pull my kneecaps "up" not back :)
Thank you so much for your sharing :)
Diane, I am new to pilatesanytime.com, what an amazing resource. You are such an inspiration!! An amazing teacher, coach, motivator, educator! Your tone of voice..everything.. on point!!. I just love it all!! Thank you for the amazing resources you post here. Grace
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More More More :)
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"Divine", Diane!
Jamie H
Thank you for another insightful lesson. I will be trying this in my next class.
Yay! Another tutorial from Diane! Always entertaining and enlightening. My knees thank you!
Thank you Diana for sharing :)
Thank you Diane!!!! Great tutorial!!!
Thank you so much for your sharing. I am a surgeon majoring in sports medicine, and it is helpful to my patients.
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