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Balancing the Shoulders

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Learn how to balance your shoulders with this tutorial by Rachel Taylor Segel. She shares how the imbalances in the shoulder girdle can impact our posture, breathing, and movement. She uses a few exercises to organize your body with gravity so you can feel open in your chest and strong in your back.
What You'll Need: Cadillac, Ped-O-Pul, Reformer Box

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Sep 04, 2016
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Hi, I'm Rachel Taylor Siegel from the Palladia Center in Boulder, Colorado. And Jen and I are going to show you a little bit of how to balance the shoulder. Similarly to the hips, the ...

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Excellent job on breaking down the Swan! Very helpful. This knowledge is so needed. Thank you so much for sharing in a very real way.
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Thank you Rachel, as always so thoughtful and articulate.
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Very much needed.thank you very much.
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Great breakdown that I will be working on to be able to extend all the way up. The "nose dive" movement kind of reminds me of a dolphin along the top of the water? Is that a reasonable analogy? Did I understand that the scapula are not to squeeze together?
Yes and yes although it always depends on the body (-:
Thank you for watching! Rachel
Is Jen about 5'3"? Am looking at the height of the PT bar relative to the distance she is from it and wondering if I need to adapt for myself (5'6"). As my shoulders just cannot (yet) straighten when back is in extension. Any guidance as to proportions/distances to compensate on different equipment?
Wonderful breakdown!!! I've been using this all week with my clients, (myself included,) and am seeing a big difference in everything from the obvious like rowings and chest expansion to how shoulder girdle places for ft work. Thank you so much!!!

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