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Pilates for Bros

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A documentary crew was given a behind-the-scenes look at how we film our videos. They came during our first attempt to film our Pilates for Men program. This footage has never been released to the public, until now.

We hope you enjoyed our April Fools' Day video! We had so much fun making it!
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Apr 01, 2017
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(engine roaring) Am I supposed to look at you or the camera? The camera? Okay. Welcome to our studio. It's the calm before the storm as they say.

Today we're starting our first program for Pilates for men. We want to break the stereotypes that men don't do Pilates. They need to, everybody does. So we have a full day of filming with me, Mary and Sara. We're all rotating teaching our male students different classes who are about to show up.

I can't wait. Hi I'm Julie. I've been working with Pilates Anytime for about a year. What I really love about Pilates is that is all about girl power and I really like coming in and just doing my workout for me and not having guys come in and judge me. It just really makes me feel safe and not stressed out all the-- We're doing Pilates for men.

We're doing Pilates for men? Your mom does this, isn't that what you said? No, no, my cousin's mom. Oh no, it looks like your mom does this. Hi guys, welcome to the studio.

What's up girl? What's up sweet thing. Y'all going to work us out, right? Where did you get these guys again? So Kristy asked me to find some men to be in the class and I kind of waited to the last minute to find anyone.

I just went to one of the gyms in Santa Barbara and within two seconds of walking in, these guys started hitting on me. I just brought them here. What? So this is what Pilates looks like, he? Rad.

Strange name, though. There's actually a real man named Joseph Pilates who invented this method over 50 years ago. It's actually more than just an exercise system but all these equipment you see here was based on his original designs. He was truly a genius. Cool story, bro.

So Chad is going to join Gia here on this series, so take a seat we're going to start with our foot and leg work. What's up honey. How do I feel about Pilates? There's a reason only girls do this stuff, bro. I'm used to doing 150 on hamstring curls as a warm up.

Hey check this out. That's what I think about Pilates. Let's make this about warming up the spine okay. You want less arms, less arm strength. Coming up and down, this is more spinal.

Hey couch, can we, like make this harder? I haven't even felt anything so far. The pike is fairly challenging, but we can make it more so if you want to reduce the springs. Wait, harder is with less? Are you serious, bro?

Straighten your arms, take your hands to the sides of the chair. Straight arms, straight legs, look down. Look down pay attention to yourself Chad. So what you need to do is lift with your core, your abs-- Yeah I got it. I think mine is broken.

I mean, why is hers lifting up like that? No, it's not broken. No, mine is definitely broken. Mine is broken everybody. Hey, would you switch me?

Same rules. Stand on the pedal, straight legs, straight arms. I got this one. See? No, no, no, no, you're going to keep the legs straight, remember?

I can't believe this. Hers is broken too. Yeah, I mean I think Pilates is helping my flexibility or should I say my ability to flex? How do I maintain such a jacked body? You really want to know?

Shake weight, bro. I bring it with me everywhere. The plane, Uber, church. These guns are anointed, baby. Yeah, sure it's a little awkward for them at first but results don't lie baby.

So essentially what you're going to do is start rounding down towards the floor. So you're going to drop your chin into your the chest and as you go down lift and pull your stomach muscles in to support the movement downwards of the spine. Yeah. So continue going down and go down as far as you can. Can you look down?

Can you drop your head? (grunting sounds) Can you drop your head more? Can you drop your head even more? No, down. Drop your head down.

We weren't even doing anything. I was literally just warming him up. Okay, so what we're going to do is you take these weights in your hands and you're going to stand against the wall with them. You're kidding right? Okay, so this is what we're going to do.

You're going to take these little Tinkerbell weights back okay. Do you even lift, bro? All right bro, I just loaded all the springs heavy. Are you ready guns and roses? Go big or go home, bro.

That's the attitude. Axl Brose. Sammy Brogart. I totally get guys like this. I was in a sorority all eighth years of college, Delta, Omega, Pi, Eda or dope, as the guys used to call us.

I know how to speak their language. All right, bro, are you ready? The next exercise is the 100. 100 is for nerds, bro. I'm going to do 500.

Use the bro force. Brobi-Wan Kenobi. (deep breathing) Lift a little higher and pump the arms. You said you were going to do 500, right? I'm the bro.

I'm the bro. Justin B bro. Bro. 50 shades of bro. Bro.

Brolling Stones. Bro. Brodel. Hello. How are you?

Gains bro, gains. I started feeling it in my whole body, bro. Like I'm working my abs, my core, and my stomach muscles and my transversal hippopotamus. transversus abdominis. Transformer optimist.

Robots in the sky, bro. Yeah, now switch. Come back to me. Switch, don't stop in the middle, go to the other side, and yes, and you're breathing somewhere in there, right. Good, good, good.

Okay so, round forward, press forward with your arms, go all the way. What the fuck? What the fuck is this shit? I feel it. Spray tan, bro.

You think I'm going to go without looking swell. What's this amateur hour? You still haven't got all that? Nope, miss a spot. I didn't know what to expect when all these guys walked in.

These aren't the typical male clients Pilates instructors work with. Honestly didn't think we'll get through the day. Oh. But it's been kind of inspiring to see a group of guys so over confident in an exercise system they know very little about. They're always positive, enthusiastic, and open to new ways of body movement.

There you did it. I told you so. We're also being self congratulatory for barely getting through level one workouts that I've seen grandparents do. Nice glutes, that's working. Come here, what up?

Let's go skinny dipping or something. What? Nothing, let's just like lift, bro. This just proves Pilates is really for anybody. Oh yeah, this is awful.

We're not releasing any of this. Delete it, Stephanie. And exhale to roll up. We'll hook the ring around the knees again and inhale to build the spine tall. Exhale curl the back.


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OMG this video is hilarious!!! Loved it!
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Love it!
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Love it - its so funny!
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HAHAHA!!!!!!! this is just to perfect. Thank you
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So hilarious !!!!!
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Wow bros, this was totally bodacious!
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Still laughing...I see these bros here a lot in Florida and they are old enough to know better. I don't think they grow out of it exactly.
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