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In order to do Monica Wilson's New York Style Mat Workout, you should be very solid in your transitions. This tutorial teaches you the transitions so you can move nice and quickly between exercises. She encourages you to think about what is coming up so you are always ready for the next movement.
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May 25, 2017
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All right. Today we are going to do [inaudible] pure and simple. We're going to do a New York paced 15 minute in a math class, but in order to do that, you do need to be very solid on your transitions. And so this is going to be a transitions tutorial class. So we're just going to be doing each exercise, two reps of m, a right in the left if there's a sides. And then we're going to be moving onto the next. This is not a workout, this is just a tutorial so that you can do our quick 15 minute intermediate mat.

Make sure you're healthy and strong. Uh, this is not meant for anyone with injuries. It's not meant to feel every exercise. Okay? All right, so we're gonna put one arm on top of the other. Make sure you feel the way on the ball of your foot and the side of your foot and the heels. Your knees are not working, they're not pressing back. You might want to bend them for a moment actually, and then feel the inner thigh squeeze together the back of the thighs and lifting your seed a little bit. Scooping in that belly. Juliana, bring your weight, your upper back, just a little forward of these hip bones. Keep trying to move those. Yes, very good. Good, good, good.

How are we doing over here? Pretty good. Keep that tailbone long so that your energy stays really lifted as you cross one foot in front of the other. Fill your belly in and up and lower yourself down to the mat. Lifting, lifting, lifting. You're gonna lift your bottom back to the middle of the mat and we're going to roll out and we're gonna start with the hundred so you're already engaged. You're gonna on one count. Lift your head, lift the legs and lift the arms. So you're ready for the hundred.

Here we go. And lift and inhale. Two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Do One more. Lift the legs to where you need so that you feel that powerhouse scoop. All right, we're done with the hundreds of the next. X says the roll up. You're going to squeeze your legs down to the mat, lower that, reach your arms up in, you're ready and the head's going to come up and curl up one bone at a time. Reach and then roll back one vertebra at a time.

We'll do one more just to get into the exercise. And then you're wanting to always think about the next exercise. What is that going to be? It's going to be single leg circles rolling back. So as you lie down, you're thinking back of the thighs and see.

Let's press your arms down to the mat and swing the right leg right up and stretch it towards you. So you're stretching and arms down by your side. Let's do two reps. Cross around, up, cross around, up, reverse, down around, up. Good. And reach around and to switch legs white. The right leg goes down the left leg. Good. Stretch it you.

Yes. And put the arms down and you're gonna Cross around, up, cross around, up, reverse it. Scoop around up, really stretch the hip flexor and enough the leg goes straight down. Rolling like a balls next head to the chest, scooping. As you roll up one vertebra at a time and you're gonna lift with your tailbone under. Use your powerhouse to balance with your ears as close between your knees.

Two reps in with the air roll back. Exhale, roll scooping in. One more in with the exhaling up hold. Series of five is next. Your feet go down. Put your arms behind you to lift your bottom back. And as you lie down, your right knee comes with you and you're ready for single leg stretch.

Had Up. There we go. And switch. And let's do one more right and one more left. Double leg. Stretch both knees in, hands on ankles. Heads up, and inhale, reach. Exhale, pulling. Keep your eyes on your belly. Slide those leg straight from here. Beautiful single, straight like right legs up, left like forward and switch. One more set right left. Double straight legs. Next. So both legs up, hands behind your head. Beautiful. Inhale, reach long, gorgeous and scoop it in. And one more from the back of the thighs. Nice.

Come up a little higher with the head. Good. Bend the right knee for Chris Cross. Go right into it, right and a left. Give me one more set and scooping in and left and hug both knees into your chest. From this position you want to be really sharp and quick to keep on tempo for your spine. Stretch forward. So think about what that exercise looks like and go right into position.

So you're going to roll up legs open, arms up, body tall, ready to go. Inhale up, exhaling down, inhaling up, no extra breathing XL straight down. And the next exercise is open leg rocker. So after you come up, you're going to pull back in your pelvis and let those legs float up and you're ready to go. And we're gonna rock back and scoop in and old and in with the air.

And exhale, hold this and you're ready to go to corkscrew. Squeeze the legs together, leave the legs there and roll down. Then bring the legs to a 90 degree and you're going to go right around scooping and left and left around. Try to get more of a [inaudible] stance by getting the outer thighs engaged. Thank you.

And one more left around scooping into the mat and hold again. You want to go right into the next exercise, which is saw and we're gonna pop up. Legs Open. Flex in, arms out. Good. Pull back in the upper back at those bone. Stacked a little more for me. A little more through here. Pull back. Thank you. And we're going to twist to the right and exhale, scooping in.

Stretch. Inhale, stack your spine. Make sure you're on both hips. Twist, keep weight on your right hip here, God. And inhaling up that sit and twist and keeping weight on your left hip and inhaling up. And that's enough for this tutorial. So the next exercise is neck roll. You're going to be on your belly. So we're gonna bring our legs together while we turn and hands underneath the shoulders and they're ready to go. And here we go. Press the pelvis down, scoop your belly and lifting up out of those shoulders.

Look over your right shoulder. Circle down around left. Look forward. Look left around to your right. Look forward and try to lengthen your body as you go down. Good single leg kicks. So we're gonna pop up onto our elbows, fist, knuckles together and right leg goes one, two left to another set left two. And that's enough. We're going to go into double leg kick.

So right cheek on the mat, hands behind your back at the same time. All right, how about, let's try that one more time. Let's go back into single leg kick and have your feet and legs scoot over a little bit for me, Brianna. Good. Why I want to do this a little bit quicker is I want your legs be ready to kick your bottom when you're in position two. So we're going to go from a, I can't do it with my mic, but so you're gonna lie on your right, chic facial cheek, hands and legs are squeezing already off the mat, right, Juliana? Yes. There we go. And you're going to kick one, two, three legs down, chest up, up, up. One more time. It's kick, kick, kick and squeezing those legs on the mat to lift up higher. Good. And that's in a round back onto your heels.

Otherwise known as child's pose. But make sure your stomach's nice and scooped in here and you're thinking about the next exercise, which is the treacherous neck pool. So you're going to be lying on your back with your legs. Hip width apart, feet, flax in, hands behind your head. Here we go. Try to get there as quickly as hot. Flip legs apart, hands underneath, and good legs are aware. That's okay. But just make sure hip width apart. Flex those toes, pushing those heels away. That's better. Where will we ingest in?

We are in that stretch. Let's try it one more time. Go ahead and turn around. Sit on your heels. I'll do it with you. Okay, so we're going to be rounding and we're going to try to get into neck pool. So we're gonna use our arms. Flip over legs or hip with an Hanzor. [inaudible]. Alright, good. And you're going to go into neck bulls, so you're going to scoop in, exhale all the way forward.

Inhale, sit up tall and exhale back. Rounding down at the end. One more ladies in with the air. Make sure those feet are flex. Exhale, kind of pushing. Yes. Not Wider than your hips though. Inhale, sitting up tall, lifting up off your bottom, not your quads and rural. Go back, hinge back, and then roll the rest down. Good sidekick. So I want you both facing the camera. So flip over onto your side.

Take your hips and elbow back and feet forward. Good. Alright, let's try that one one more time. Lie on your back. Good. [inaudible] so we just finished the neck pool and you need to get into sidekicks. So your back has to be lined up on the back edge of either side of your mat and your feet need to be on the front edge of the Mat. So here we go. Let's flip onto our side. We're gonna scoop back with our body. Elbows and feet are forward.

Good lifting up the top leg and we're gonna kick forward and take it back. Try to not move your upper body at all and that's enough of those legs together and kick up and squeezed down. Good. And kick up and squeeze down. Now we're going to do leg circles. Circle one. And to reverse it, one and two, that's enough. Lift the legs as you lie onto your belly and make a small pillow for your forehead. And we're ready.

And we're just do a couple beats and roll over to your other side so it's back and bring the feet forward and you're ready to go forward and back and forward. And that's the last rep and now legs together and it's up and squeeze down. One more up and squeeze down. Now, two little circles. One to reverse, some one, two. Now we're going to lie on our back for teaser.

So we're gonna flip onto our back and hug our knees into your chest. Okay, we just got two more exercises and we're ready to tackle on our intermediate mat. So you're going to extend the legs forward into a teaser position so they don't go up. And then they go straight out from the back of your thighs and you're scooping in your belly arms. Reach straight back and you're gonna roll up to touch your toes and you're going to rural Dan. One more. Yes, good. And Yeah, and then hug your knees into your chest.

We're going to slide your legs straight on the Mat, lift your head up using your powerhouse and roll up to go into seal. Put your hands by your side, lift your bottom forward, and now put your hands between your ankles. Let's do two reps in with the air. You're going to roll back, clap two, three. Exhale forward, clap two, three. Inhale back two, three. Exhale. Ah, let's do one more cause we're going to stand up and rolling back. Let go the feet. Cross the ankles and with energy. Stand up. I love it.

Nice job ladies. So that would complete your intermediate mat. Hopefully that teaches you the transition so you can do it nice and speedy. Thank you ladies.

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Short & sweet....just to clarify, this was beginning mat, right? At the end, it was referred to as intermediate...but 1/2 way through, it was referred to as beginning. Also - no rollover? Thank you
Monica Wilson
Hi Jennifer, Sorry about that! I have a knack for goofing up like that! This is a tutorial for transitions for an intermediate mat. In Romana's Pilates, we introduce the Roll Over in the Advanced series. Hope you get a chance to try the New York paced Intermediate class, #3078, which this class was intended to support. Thank you for your feedback! Monica:)

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