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All Access Party

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Follow Tracey Mallett around as she takes us through the All Access Party that we hosted at the 2017 PMA Conference in Palm Springs, California. She takes you through the Red Carpet, Silent Disco, and much more to show you all of the amazing "Rock Stars" who attended the party! It was an amazing night full of dancing, contests, and rock and roll!
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Nov 22, 2017
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Anytime. Potty right here at the glide method alliance and beautiful pop ring. Yes, I am doing just fine. We're very excited. Let's check out what the world got info for us. <v 1>...


I wanna go next year! How do we get there?
mbrown ~ Thank you for your forum post. The2018 PMA conference will be in Las Vegas next year. You can find out how to register and more information here. We hope to see you at our party next year at the conference!
so awesome!

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