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2017 Bloopers

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Get ready to laugh out loud with our 2017 Bloopers! We have so many moments that we cut out of our videos like equipment malfunctions, teachers stumbling over their words, and much more! We think the perfect way to end the year is with joy and laughter so we hope you enjoy these fun and candid moments!
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Dec 31, 2017
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So, let's take the ball in. We are gonna put the ball, not between the knees, we need it higher up the body, okay? Towards your inner thighs. So, put it way up high. I want you to squeeze (laughing).

Hold on, I'm not going to. Oh, (laughing). (beep) Nope, I'm not, let's put it, ah, damn it. Okay nope, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not. I'm never in your bloopers either what the (bleep).

I have never once been in your blooper. Oh, I didn't make the blooper reel. I'm not trying to get on the blooper reel. If you try, it doesn't work. I saw your outtakes and I thought I am missing all the (bleep)ing fun.

I just wanna be on the (bleep)ing blooper reel. Kevin gets on it a lot. I don't, why am I here? What am I doing? What the hell is going on?

When the shoulders are over the hips you sit up tall, put a little pressure on the bar, inhale. (equipment clanks) Um, the, not just the why, but the... I actually forgot. That's the first time I've done that on Pilates Anytime. (crew mumbling) See I needed a blooper! I paid Perry for the blooper.

The sternum is in the center... Of your body (laughing) Good, and bend. Remember, that's what the small toys are for Mmmhmm Drawing up the midline Correct And uh... Everybody's head goes so dirty around here. I'm telling you, we're just talking about Pilates.

Right. And then I'll kind of shoosh the covers off and if I wanna go here I can do... No more question for you, (bleep) (bleep) falls. (bleep) (laughing) Ahhh, here we go (bleep) I've been so good this year. Now (bleep), (bleep) (bleep), blah Peen us Lalalalala (exhales loudly) (gibberish with tongue) (cartoonish sounds) Dum dum dum dumaduma (groaning) (gibberish) (blows raspberry) (burps) (gibberish) (spray can squirts rhythmically) (laughter) I can do everything, bro.

I can do whatever you want, bro. I can do anything, bro. You challenging me, bro? (laughter) I just think it's funny how you start (laughter) Put it down! What do I do with it? Just hold it! (laughter) Oh God, oh no, here it goes.

Good now do a few, like, you're not, like, don't be nice to the other person. Try and like... (laughter) So we're gonna scooch yourselves forward over our feet. (laughter) I was what, like, (whistles) The feet, oops, with (snorting laughter) And roll back. One, two three, whoop, that didn't help.

(laughter) I would like to do some arm springs also because... (metal rattling on floor) Look I might have actually made it on the blooper reel. Finally! (upbeat music) (mats crash on floor) Hiiiiiii (humming a tune) Alright I got it, alright. Okay, we're here for a little (laughter) Oh, no! (upbeat music) I have the pink pants on, I'm in charge. (upbeat music) My Mary impression?

(music abruptly ends) And we've looked at it a lot in the past... I don't like any of this. (laughter) This is how it goes, good. Scratch, bleep. Well (bleep) you! (bleep) you! That's a (long bleep).

(laughter) Beep beep beep beep beep!


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Merci pour ces moments partagés et bonne année à tous !
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I have been waiting for this! Kristi- love your meredith impression! LOL ;)-
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Beyond grateful for this! Here’s to 2018
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One of the best parts of the new year!
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Love the blooper reel🤣🤣🤣
Krista O.
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Yay!!! Love it! :D
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Loved this so much!!! Thank you. Amy Havens, I've never loved you more. And Kristi, loved the Mere impression!
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Laughted my pants off!!! Thank you!
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ba-nanas! should be required viewing!!!!
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))))))) as always great job !!!!! Thank you!!!!!!))))))
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