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Apply for the 2018 Next Pilates Anytime Teacher Competition! This video will explain the details of the competition and the prizes the winner will receive. If you are a comprehensively trained instructor with at least five years of experience, fill out your application to enter today! The submission period has now ended.

If you would like suggestions on how to film your submission, watch How to Make a Great Video. Also, make sure you have followed all of our rules and regulations before submitting your video.
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Jun 18, 2018
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Hey everyone. It's Amy havens here with philosophies anytime and I having some very exciting news. Today is the launch of our annual Palladio's anytime teacher competition where it will be up to our judges and members to cast the next Palladio's anytime teacher. The winner of the competition will be flown from anywhere in the world to Santa Barbara, California where they will join us in studio and on camera. The winter will also receive apparel from holiday's nerd to wear during the photo shoot at our beautiful studio here. They will then travel the Las Vegas, Nevada or the PMA conference where they will have an all access pass. This is a wonderful opportunity to network with your peers and you will also be our VIP guest at the annual party at the PMA conference. Now, before you start rolling your cameras, I want to make sure you're all aware of the two main requirements for entry this year. First, you must have a minimum of five teaching years experience and second you must have completed a comprehensive teacher training program.

Other than that you will just need to fill in the short video following our submission guidelines. Not a pro behind the camera. No problem. We have another video with tips on how to film your video using your mobile device. This video will be in the description section. For those of you who don't have much experience with cameras, it's okay. He'll be fine. And now for the moment you've all been waiting for drum roll. Where's the drum roll this year for your submission video, we are asking everyone to teach one student the stomach massage series on the reformer. Everyone's absolute favorite series.

This includes the round back, flat back reach and twist. This year we are allowing modifications for the exercises if your client needs them. If you're adding a modification, you are required. You explain why your client needed it and why you chose this modification. Please don't add any variations to show off. We really want to see how you teach your student.

You'll be judged on knowledge of the application of the quality's method, so we want to see how you teach real people. You will also be judged on safety communication with your students and engagement with the viewer who will be watching you at home. Your video must be between four and 10 minutes long, anything shorter or longer than this won't be accepted. The deadline to submit your application is Sunday, July 22nd, 2018 we encourage you to send in your submission early. We will email you to let you know when your video has been approved.

Once we received your submission, please be patient and waiting for this email from us as it does take us quite a while to go through each submission thoroughly. If your submission video meets all of our requirements, it will then be screened by our distinguished panel of churches who represent a wide variety of body styles. This year's judges are John Gary, Juan Nieto, Kathy Ross National Maria Leoni, and last year's winner Joanne Xena. The judges will select 10 finalists and then our politeness anytime members will be able to vote with the instructor who want to see on the site next. The winner for this competition will be announced in September.

Detailed rules and guidelines are linked in the description for this video. We can't wait to see your videos. Everyone good luck and have a lot of fun filming them.


Looking forward to meeting you!
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SOOO going to enter this year! Watch this space! #wellnessthroughmovement @mrswellness
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Always excited to submit!
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Going to enter :)
I'm submitting Today!!! :)

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