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Pilates Basics for Kids

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In this new series, Monica Wilson works on introducing the basics of Pilates to children so that the benefits will have a lasting effect on them. Each class will focus on a different Pilates principle so they can develop a strong foundation and understanding of the work. She also shares different ways to keep their interest as well as how to fit in good work into the fun.
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Oct 03, 2018
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When it comes to teaching kids, you want to add as much fun, creativity, imagination, and good humor to keep their interest not much different than teaching an adult. The tough part is...


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Yay!!!! Can't wait to play big kid! And hopefully get MY girls to join in! And oh em gee, Monica! You look just like the Duchess of Sussex's twin today! 😊
Wow! What a compliment!:) Thank you!
Thank you for doing these! It's an amazing gift for our kids!

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