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Radical Self-Expression Party

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Follow Tracey Mallett around as she takes us through the Radical Self-Expression Party that we hosted at the 2018 PMA Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. She takes you to the Xuza Art Car to highlight some dancing as well as to the Red Carpet with one of the magicians. It was such a great night and everyone who attended really showed what radical self-expression meant to them!
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Nov 28, 2018
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[inaudible] [inaudible]. Yes. [inaudible] [inaudible] welcome to the time. 2018 I am in class, begun in the lion. Radek talks out. I wondered about that. [inaudible] go find out. Wow.

[inaudible] no, only at the plot is anytime. Potty. Can you see us as sexy hot women? This is like a bit [inaudible]. Wow. Wow. I've never been underneath the silver.

Walk Him in Boston as the first time for everything. Sorry. Just leaving the potty. We're going to another party. The going to see an amazing magician. All right. If you watched it and listened closely, did you hear it? Yeah, I heard it. Yeah. You heard it go through it. Yeah, but not only can you hear it go through, but you can actually see it go through. Do you see it right there? Yeah. All the way through.

Again, it's right through, you heard that one, right? Yeah. Do you know why? I use the pencil? Why has an eraser and I can erase what just happened there and nothing wrong with a 20 that was pretty radical. Ah, what an amazing night that we had tonight. The night is still young. We're going to go on potty on nights, but I'm super excited to see you next year. Peace, love, and of course [inaudible].


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Fun seeing Kristi and Amy cavorting on stage with you. Was that Benjamin in one of the wigs?
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Joni ~ Benjamin was one of the trolls behind them. Jenna was the other one. You can see better photos of their costumes on our Facebook page!
Что за ужас????🤦‍♂️
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Your looked terrific in your photo too Gia Calhoun . Was that top from your own wardrobe. Perfect!
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Thanks Joni! It was a romper I got from Forever 21. I wanted a disco-vibe for my outfit and they had a lot of options!
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What a fun surprise! Thank you for spicing it up and sharing with us!
Can't wait 🙌

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