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Pelvic Floor Series

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It's time to have an honest conversation about Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and in our new series, Christi Idavoy guides you through a segment of movement classes and a discussion to bring awareness to this topic. Some of the issues discussed in this series are constipation, incontinence, and other problems that many women face as a result of pelvic floor dysfunction.
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Mar 18, 2019
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Hi Ladies. It is time to talk about this stuff. Everyone else is talking about it. It's all over the pharmacy. It's time for us to have an honest conversation about pelvic floor dysfun...


Thank you for filming thes talk and classes. This topic is SO necessary. I am looking forward to listening to the girl conversation and practicing the movement classes!
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as a pelvic floor trainer... i say thank you and looking forward to your classes, Christi! đź’–

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