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Traumatic Birth Introduction

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Learn tools that will help you feel empowered to take care of yourself after experiencing a traumatic birth. In this series, Georgia Burns teaches practical movements that you can use from the beginning that will allow you to gain strength safely and gently. Inspired by her own traumatic birth, she guides you through 6 classes that will take you from the start of your recovery to the point where you are able to get back to your practice.
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Jun 02, 2019
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Hi, my name's Georgia Burns and I'm here today at plays anytime filming my c-section and traumatic birth recovery series. I have been teaching philosophies for almost 20 years now. I'm a certified Lab...


I wish I had had this information two years ago after my sons traumatic birth. However, I did have Pilates Anytime and am back as strong as ever. Thanks to everyone at this great site!
Yvonne I couldn't agree more! Pilates Anytime is the perfect forum for a new mom to feel empowered, supported, and educated. We are NOT alone. We are so lucky to have this community.

I'm so sorry to hear you had a traumatic birth but glad you are sharing and have found strength in your Pilates practice.  
Just what I need right now. Thank you

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