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Building the Twist Teaser

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Learn building blocks that will make the Twist Teaser on the Wunda Chair more accessible with this quick tutorial by Blossom Leilani Crawford. She starts on the Mat and works up to the Wunda Chair so that you can feel the movement in a way that feels safe. By doing this progression, you will feel more comfortable with the exercise when you get to the full version.
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Mat

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Sep 22, 2019
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I'm here to play around with my friend Julie Franks. And we want to do, uh, the twist teaser together. And so, uh, we definitely did this together cause we were getting ready to do twist teaser and I was trying to come up with a ways to get Julie more comfortable with doing it on the one to chair and without her feeling like she was going to die. So, um, let's go through some of the ways that I want you to prepare you, the building blocks that I want to prepare you to do, twist teaser and hopefully eventually you will find twist teaser on the one two chair, really easy. So let's begin. So, uh, take a look at these pads here. So this is the formation of the pads that you're going to use on the one to chair and we're just bringing it here on the mat so that you get used to using this as a visual guide. Um, so Julie, will you get ready to do your teaser to face forward? So if you notice, Julie is line her body up parallel to this pad here, right? So when I go to roll on Nona, you know rest for a second. When I go to roll onto the hip, I know that I'm rolling onto that pattern. I line myself up parallel to that. So when you're ready Julie, come into your teaser position to just hold. By the way, this looks deceptively easy and as you know it is not.

So from here you're going to reach your right hand behind your reach, your left arm up and you're going to roll that hip onto the pad. That's it. That's the hard moment. And then she's going to slowly with control, try to lie all the way down and rest. So that's what you're going to do on the one to chair eventually right now from here, start to roll back on to your button. Reach to the left with the left hand up to the toes. And right now lets think that right foot in front and repeat that just two more times. That was great. Reach up with that left eye, that length and that reach up helps control the coming down.

Beautiful inner thighs like crazy. [inaudible]. That's it. And you line yourself up parallel to that pad and try to lie all the way down on that arm. Take a moment to breathe in reach and from there, roll back onto bed. So slide that head left to the hands and roll back up into those that teaser. Yes. Oh, one more time. Reach up with that left arm. Right arm stays on the floor behind you. That's the motion.

And you reach enroll. That's the reach that takes you over. Good inner thighs like crazy, beautiful. Control that lying down. Take a moment to breathe. Nice. And when you can roll back onto your butt pointing those feet and come up into the teaser position. Yes. Nice. Excellent. So now let's take this to the box mat please.

So now we're lifting the floor up and we're going to do that same twist teaser on the box sense. So Julie, when you're ready, I'm going to ask you two to train. I'm going to ask you to put the pedal. I cannot. Not yet. I'm going to, I'm going to do that while Julie is working. Thank you, Julie. Yeah, good. And so there it is again, that same diagonal and when you can, you're going to have a seat and we're going to just do that same twist teaser. Remember the rule that we're trying to play is that you're lining yourself up parallel. And remember the platform for the chair is very small. So you're going to get nice and cozy because the whole thing is I'm trying to simulate that platform of the chair to get you ready for the twist teaser. Oh, she did it. She got more on an angle. All right, so when you can you find your teaser position.

Hold onto the backs of your thighs. I think you are good. Yeah. And in this position, let's go for right leg on top of the left. Cause that's what you're going to do. Point those feet and when you can, you're going to reach the left arm up, right arm reaches for the floor behind you. Beautiful. And roll into that teaser position. Yes. Yes. And she's just going to go right to the elbow. Just stay here breathing. Good.

Reach that arm. Feel the inner thigh that length out of the spine. Roll onto your bomb, reached down to those toes, Julie, and slowly calm. That's good. That's good. Breathe, breathe. Point those feet. Great. Yeah. Just do that one more time. Reach up with that left arm, see how that right arm stays back there. The left arm reaches up to and she really uses that reach. Yes, yes, yes.

But the nice thing about being on the box that is that she knows that she's just practicing that roll and coming back up and there's no threat of falling off a very high platform as there isn't the one to chair re come up into the teaser with both arms. Yes. And I say we tackle that one too. Chair next. Oh so hopefully you've practiced those things a couple of times and just got comfortable with a rolling and coming up in the positioning of the pad and now are you ready? Let's try it on the window chair. So I'm going to, I keep giving Julie these pads to sort of make her try to remember the position cause part of it is just trying to remember how it goes. Exactly. And it's a practice because you really use, I remember getting trained and literally this was the, the picture I drew and I literally drew like, legs go this way. But if you keep doing that over and over again, the physician gets more and more comfortable. Exactly. Gold Star. I mean that's the, there we go. Right? So she's like so comfortable.

So when you can say holding on again, find that teaser position for you. It's awkward, but I think it's, it's manageable. That's it. And practice is just a big part of it. Right foot on top of the left. Julie. Good. And let's do the same thing. Left arm up, right arm goes down, find the pedal good. And you press that peddle down reaching. That's exactly it. That's exactly it. You take a moment to breathe. Reach that arm long. Good.

Lift the rib cage up. Thank you. And from here, she's gonna roll back onto her bum. Reach for the toes. Yeah. Do that one more time. So I've seen this done other ways where they position the pads a little bit differently. But This v works very well for me. And what I like about it is that she's got lots of different options to put her arm, but she's not going to put it behind her cause I think that's too far back. Roll back onto your bum yet.

Find that teaser presents the pedal actually pushes her up one more time. And maybe if you've tried this several times, what you'll realize is actually, um, the other building blocks to it are very challenging and there is no threat of falling. But sometimes in some ways that's a little harder, right, Julie and roll back on cheer, but feel the pedal push you up and now she's more comfortable with that rolling onto the side after she's practice it. Yes. And we're done. So yeah, please try that twist teaser. Don't be intimidated by it because you can practice it on the box that you can practice it on the floor and just get used to the rolling and the comfort of that. Because that's really all it is, is just that fear of falling, which is very real. But you might, if you practice it closer to the ground, this is very accessible.


thanks for the breakdown.
That did look easier on the chair. I also did one of your classes where you used a stability ball with the chair and I found that very helpful also.  Thanks, always love your classes!
Loved your progression from mat to box mat to chair. Great cues and use of pads for body alignment as you move from mat to chair. Brilliant. Thanks for doing these fun tutorials!
I love all your classes and tips! You make Pilates accessible and doable, with lots of support. Plus, and very important, you have fun! 
Thank you Blossom- the breakdown and progression up to the chair- it’s like “ok! I can get this!”
fantastic!   thank you...now that you put it that way, I can totally do that!

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