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Welcome to Meditation

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During this stressful time of the coronavirus pandemic, our sister company, Yoga Anytime has generously donated their Welcome to Meditation Program to Pilates Anytime members to help you find a way to cope with everything happening in the world. Kira Sloane explores and plays with simple techniques to draw our attention inward while honing our capacity for trust and ease with what is.
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May 01, 2020
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(upbeat music) Meditation is available anytime, anywhere. All we need to do is get comfortable, pay attention and remain curious, becoming more relaxed and more receptive so that meditation may naturally occur. In season one of "Welcome to Meditation" we experiment and play with ten minute guided meditations that build progressively. Together we explore and play with simple techniques to draw our attention inwards, owning our capacity of trust and ease with what is. So happy to be here together, thank you.


I already did the whole program and it's such a gift! Kira's voice is so smooth it helps me to leave all the daily struggles behind and find some well deserved moments of peace. Thank you so much and I am really hoping for another season!

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