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Ride the Wave

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Let’s feel the heat, increase your strength, and boost your endorphins! Join Jamie Isaac for this 5-Day Pilates Mat Challenge. You are going to master the flow of Pilates, feel stronger throughout your whole body, and most importantly, have a great time! We hope this challenge inspires a wave of positive energy and vitality that you can take with you on and off the Mat. Let’s ride the wave of Pilates together.
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Jun 21, 2021
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(upbeat music) Let's feel the heat, increase our strength and boost our endorphins. I'm Jamie Isaac, and I'm here to take you on a five-day Pilates Mat Challenge. You're gonna master the flow of Pilates and feel stronger through your entire body. And most importantly, have a great time. I hope this challenge inspires you with a wave of positive energy and vitality that stays with you both on and beyond the mat.

Let's ride the wave of Pilates together.

Ride The Wave: with Jamie Isaac


Yay!!!!!! Jamie is here!! I waited so long for Jamie to join Pilates Anytime. Jamie is an absolute gem. He is the bestest of Pilates teachers. I have trained with him several times in his Fuerteventura retreat. I highly recommend working out with Jamie! So happy for you @jamieisaac
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The five days really WERE a challenge, With great rewards. A fun athletic approach with some surprising and inspiring variations. On day five I really do feel stronger and more capable. The half hour class is a sweet spot for approachability for me. Great series. Thank you Jamie.
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Lisette-Anne V Thank you Lisette! Hope you enjoy the challenge and look forward to sharing Pilates adventures with you in person again in the future...
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Mary M Thank you Mary! I'm so glad you enjoyed and that you joined me to workout, move and smile. I love that you feel the reward from completing the challenge and hope to share more Pilates with you in the future 🙏🤙

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