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Pilates for Menopause

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Joy is passionate about movements that open and embrace our human possibilities. In these classes, you will explore the menopausal experience. We hope that you will feel validated, feel the vitality in your own body, and realize that menopause is a renaissance.
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Oct 29, 2021
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Hi, I'm Joy. (upbeat music) I want to thank you for joining me for these classes that are focused on women going through the menopausal process. As a student of physiology, I've always been interested in the aging human system, and menopause is one of those markers of an aging woman's experience. That having been said, as an aging woman, I am now far more interested in movements that open and embrace all of our possibilities. So join us as we celebrate the possibilities and move into our menopausal renaissance.

Active Aging: Pilates for Menopause


The preview looks amazing, so look forward to these!
Caroline G
Hi Joy yay! finally some potential classes for this important season that every woman will walk through. Will there be mat based workouts too? Also, I hope that the participants selected to demonstrate these movements will be woman that are ‘in that season’ ?

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